By Que2 on Oct 05, 2018

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Custom frame designed with Google sketchup and was printed at shapeways, the 2.5mm carbon fiber inlay was machined at cncmadness.  This is my best looking frame but it was hard to build and work on.



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bitsinmyblood   Oct 09, 2018  

Damn. How much time did it (design) take? What was the process like?

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Que2   Oct 15, 2018 

Sure if want to make one i can put them on thingiverse.

bistro   Oct 16, 2018 

cool, pleas do so, i looks really clean
btw, whats the weight of this thing?

Que2   Oct 16, 2018 

All up without lipo 165 grams just the frame is 51 grams.

Ill make a few changes i wanted to make and have it posted shortly.

i-man   Oct 06, 2018  

Very beautiful job. Good job.

DPJ   Oct 06, 2018  

This build looks so cool, I love the little touches like the holder for the capacitor. :D

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