Yakuza R226

By DzFpv on Oct 06, 2018

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Build log (challenges and solutions)

-Since I was using an AIO board which consists of an FC, PDB, ESC and BEC all built in, the build was very simple with minimal soldering
-had to use a carbon fibre mounting plate for the unify as I was using an MMCX connector and the VTX+antenna would not fit on the top plate
-Micro camera was easily mounted onto the frame with the TPU mounts
-Race wire was mounted unto the frame using some double sided foam tape as the frame has a aluminum plate that sticks out a fair bit unto the arm which will NOT fit a full sized race wire unless the heatshrink on motor was cut off. The foam tape acted as a slope that the race wire could sit on so that it wouldn't snap in a hard crash.
-capacitor was held on using some heatshrink over the XT60 and cap as the frame did not have enough real estate to fit the capacitor within the frame

Long term thoughts:

The Yakuza R226 frame is a versatile frame that boasts many unique features at an extremely attractive price.
the features include:
-an integrated soft mounting system
-ability to change between different frame configurations (exact x, stretch x, squish x or hybrid) just by the swap of a screw. It literally just takes 2 minutes to swap between configurations and its very convenient.
-4 mm arms that are made of a high quality carbon fibre. I've yet to break an arm and this quad has taken a beating, including hitting a metal pole at full speed while racing.
-accepts any camera angle with the TPU 3D printed mount and 0-60 degrees of camera tilt on the carbon fibre plates.

-The FC/ESC combo has been extremely reliable and hasn't burnt out on me despite going into a drain and flying in the rain
-As I was using the 2.3mm lens on the camera, the field of view was rather wide but objects would pop into view unexpectedly and cause some error in piloting
-Have not had any problems with video breakup in close proximity using the unify at 200mw and the Luminier AXII mmcx before capacitor was installed, there was some noise in the video and is rather noticable. After putting on a capacitor, however, the video became significantly better so i would definitely recommend using a low esr 1000µf cap on the power leads of the AIO board
-The quad is pop-y in the high end of the throttle while not compromising on efficiency (a trademark trait of the T-motor brand) the quad handles extremely nice and smooth in the corners under high load and doesn't have any major oscilations on stock BF 3.5



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