Tomoquads evo x Shinka supreme build

By Daze on Oct 07, 2018

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Tomoquads evo x Shinka, the perfect build.

For this freestyle build I was looking to create a perfect balance between weight and power, a 3 inch that handles super smooth while being effective as possible. The challenge was trying to keep it light as possible.

After a long search for the perfect frame I found the Tomoquads Shinka, perfect in every way. It's light weight, enough room to fit everything you need, strong as steel, and looks to kill for.
It's so good and flies so amazing that I already want to build another one. It comes in true X and the arms are slim that this frame has no propwash at all without any compensation on strength. they are so strong because of the 3mm bottom plate. It already survived a bunch of gnarly crashes without weighing a ton. It only weighs 27gram so perfect for racing aswel.

Tomoshimei designes all frames with so much love while regarding all factors that are needed to create a frame that's balanced without any compromise. I can truly advise everyone to take a look at the amazing Tomoquads frames on

My next step was motors and this didn't take long, I wanted more power than a standard 11xx motor so went searching for something different that runs on 4S. This is where I found the RCX H1304 4000kv motors, they are really powerful but also handle great. They run very smooth and have no trouble spinning 3" props while being effective and efficient. The powerband is perfect, not twitchy but punchy when you need it to be.

Now I needed the heart of the beast, this was an easy choice, went for the HGLRC F428 stack, it's my first choice stack at the moment because it has everything needed in a small package. It also comes with a capacitor and is really easy to solder. The FC and 4in1 ESC connect with a 8p jumper, I really like this because it means less wiring and a cleaner build. Hope they do this for the VTX in the future aswel.

For the cam I went with foxeer but finding the right type for the right price was exhausting, so many different types and so many different qualities for different situations. Luckily at the end of my search the released the Foxeer Predator micro V3 and I just went with that after seeing a single review where the blue glow was completely gone with the V3. After flying with it I was completely satisfied because the image is perfect and I believe it's one of the best micro cams out there right now. If your looking for an amazing cam at the moment this is definitely the one you want.

After gathering all the parts it was finally time for the build, wanted to complete it clean as possible so took my time for the pathing of the wires. The motor wires where the most satisfying since the just needed to be straight as possible above the arms. The Stack is turned 90 degrees so the pathing of the wires could be kept clean as possible, it is pure for looks and it isn't the most handy because now I need to take of the cam to access the micro USB for betaflight. After finishing the build I was really satisfied about the complete package, it turned out to be exactly what I had in mind regarding handling, looks, price and weight.

As mentioned before the challenge was trying to keep the weight low as possible and believe I managed that. The complete build only weighs 111 grams without a lipo and 198gr with a Turnigy Graphene 4s 650mah.

Some vids will be added in the future, also happy to announce that I already started another build with a different Tomoquads frame!



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Sasquads   9 days ago  

Can it carry a gopro?

Daze   9 days ago 

If it's a type below the 100gr like the session or hero 4 silver then it isn't an issue, you do feel it and compensating with a smaller lipo is advised. I prefer lightweight cams like the sq12 or Firefly that a really awesome friend advised.

ChibiKaiju   11 days ago  

Awesome work! Great craftmanship and super clean build. The heat shrink on the esc motor wires is a great touch! Tomoquads are my go-to for nicely designed micros.

Daze   11 days ago 

thanks, appreciated!  since I found tomoquads I want nothing else, they are perfect and already working on my next tomo build.

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