By roobidesign on Oct 08, 2018

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The second generation of my 2" frame design... the Gecko

The frame is design around the runcam split mini to protect the camera.
It's a tight build but it supports two 20x20 stacks, 2 board on the front and 3 on the rear.

  • the frame weight is 35g (18 without the prop guards)
  • drone weight 100g without and 150g with battery

Some videos made with it:



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SixxSeven   6 days ago  

The Split Mini 2 has only 1 board. That might save some more weight.

roobidesign   6 days ago 

yeh, some grams... there is a split 2 pcb on the way :)

AcidFPV   8 days ago  

I really like this design. Prop guards, top battery, centered weight. Perfect for a miniature flying camera rig! Would you be interested in selling a kit?

Nikotttin   11 days ago  

Interesting frame :)
Hownheavy is the frame? and how heavy is the whole quad with the 3S batery?

It looks like 2mm cf. How crash resistant is that? I'm sure you already tested that :)))

Thank you!

roobidesign   11 days ago 

It's about 150g with the battery (100g without) the only part I had brake is the front section of the prop guard. I will make them wider for the next cut.

Nikotttin   10 days ago 

Very nice! 100g is not light, but with future development it easily can be decreased a bit.
Please let us know if you plan to make the frame available. Looks fun to build... and fly :)
Very nice job!

roobidesign   10 days ago 

I could save 17g if I remove the propguard,
the base frame is only 18g and 35g with propguards

It become a really tight build with 5 boards, I even had to cut some nylon spacers in half to fit everything :D

I prefer it with more protection even if it's a bit heavier

bitsinmyblood   11 days ago  

I really like these motors. They SCREAM!

TeamWolf   11 days ago  

I like the idea of prop guards for inside and around people. But how does it impact performance? Wobbly? Jello? Only good things?

roobidesign   11 days ago 

Because prop guards are connected to the end of the arms they make the whole structure stronger. It doesn't have any jello problem, you can check my videos in the linked playlist. It's about +10g added weight so it doesn't really impact the performance. And yes the main goal was to be safer to fly inside and close to things :)

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