astroX X5 JohnnyFPV

By raskar on Oct 09, 2018

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AstroX x5 JohnnyFPV edition

Continuing on my AstroX journey, classic "bus" style freestyle frame refined with skinny arms (5,5mm think) and pretty smart 1 bolt arm attachement.
Unfortunately the stack is not independant to arm bolts.

Beware, the landing skid with 5,5mm arms requires M3x10mm bolts (not included in the kit)
Time will tell if this plastic is worth the price or its better to go TPU 3D printed parts

  • Electronic
    Heliorc FC => lipo voltage
    Unify 5v => 5V from ESC 5V regulator
    Crossfire receiver => 5V from FC regulator
    Micro eagle cam => lipo voltage

Ready to flight AUW 602g (quad+gopro+props+straps+battery)


Part List



Flight Controller

Helio RC SPRING V2 IMU-F Flight Controller (7 builds)


XRotor 4in1 ESC for FPV Racing - Micro 45A BLHeli32 DShot1200 (3-6S)




HQ 5.1x4.6x3 V1S (2CW+2CCW) PC RACE "POPO" PROP CHAMFERED (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Runcam Micro Eagle (144 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V3 (SMA) (15 builds)


Lumenier AXII Stubby 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (4 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX Special Edition (201 builds)


Batterie Lipo Acehe 4S 1300mAh 75C (2 builds)
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HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session - Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with 4K HD Video 10MP Photos (2 builds)

Misc Parts

WhitenoiseFPV Race Wire (6 pcs.) (14 builds)

Misc Parts

VIFLY Drone Finder (4 builds)

Misc Parts

Imortal T and SMA Mount AstroX X5 Johhny FPV by norf
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leeanhtuan   26 days ago  

32mm standoff, where to buy it?

OutlawFPV   27 days ago  

Whats up man, I built close to the same set up. Everything calibrated fine without props and all of my solder joints and screws were on point. Once i put the props on, I had one motor stuttering so swapped leads with another motor, same thing with the new motor on that same esc output. checked continuity on the esc and it seems to have a short on only one phase of one motor. how often are escs faulty?

Offset   Oct 26, 2018  

hi there, very nice build, I'm wondering about these 2207 V2 motors your running, do they have the circlip or a screw? can't seem to find any info on them or pictures. thanks for your time, I think they should have called this frame the Johnny'5 😬

raskar   Oct 26, 2018 

Hi thank you! They have circlips. They have very strong magnets, the tinniest gap I've seen so far. I baught F60 pro V2 at the same time, the gap looks big compared to xnova ones.
The pikes on the bell are really nice to maintain the props against slipping.

Jodie Froster   Oct 10, 2018  

Did you cover the motors with electrical tape during assembly to keep solder spatter out of them?

raskar   Oct 13, 2018 

Yes :) my bench is pretty small. Doesn't cost much and could save me some trouble

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Jan 15, 2019

The iFlight XL5 V3 is a fantastic freestyle frame for the price. It features chamfered edges on some very nice quality carbon fiber. My goal for this build was to use high quality components at a relatively low price. Not only that, but I managed to reduce the number of solder points to the bare minimum. I've never built such a plug-in-play quad! The flight controller has an integrated VTX and doesn't..

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Nov 16, 2018

Update! Happymodel has released a new V2 Frame which uses a more durable plastic. The Happymodel Mobula7 is one of those rare treats to hit the micro scene. Countless models hit the market every month, but this one just happens to check all the boxes. It's a 2S brushless micro with a 75mm motor stance. It's slightly larger than the more traditional 65mm brushed micros, but it's still quite small...

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