FinX Tooth Fairy

By SebbaLing on Oct 11, 2018

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After 1,5 years in the hobby, I've finally decided to build a second quad.

I've always preferred something fast and light over the tanky freestyle frames. After first thinking about bulding a floss, I discovered the tooth fairy frame.

The only problem with the build was to find a decent 20x20 stack and somehow the limited space. For the limited space I can really recommend the 3d printed axxi holder with r-xsr pocket. And for the 20x20, the airbot ori was the only esc which seemed to be able to reliably power the zmx finx23 (which had to be in this build since they're just phenomenal for their weight and look super sexy).

For fc, there might be other options, but the airbot quality is simply very good.

One problem I encountered, was the m2 holes in the frame, since most 20x20 have M3 holes these days. You could either drill the m2 to M3 or do it like I did: use m2 standoffs and thicken the m2 windings to M3 with shrinking tube where the pcbs sit. Looking back, I would have rather drilled the frame open...

One thing I changed from the pictures after my first few flights: I put the rx antennas to the front left and right arms. The placement from the pictures was bad since the antenntubes were just cut clean off in my first real crash.

Midbuild I also changed the cam holder 3d prints and the aluminum standoffs to fit the zmx FinX color scheme :)

This thing is crazy fast and super agile. Ton of fun, can really recommend!

Cheers from germany




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MaxSendFPV   23 days ago  

Hello, love this build, Im planning on doing a build with the omnibus nano and the ori 32 and the Akk VTX and wanted to set up the FC orientation the same is that how it is supposed to be or did you have to do adjustments in beta flight, also if it wouldnt be much trouble could you please tell me the hieght of the stack thanks a lot I greatly appreciate it.

Quantum FPV   Oct 16, 2018  

This thing is sick! Never seen a cleaner build.

SebbaLing   Oct 17, 2018 

Thank you kind sir:)

IvanNik   Oct 14, 2018  

do you think 25 amp is enough for these motors?

SebbaLing   Oct 15, 2018 

First of all, thank you for your LIKE:D

The airbot ori32 is rated at 25A continous current and 35A burst current for 10s. Thats 10 seconds of 140A, aka plenty much! Although my esc telemetry reading showed me peak currents of 140a with this setup, its usually only for a real short (<1-2s) time since the battery is also a limiting factor here.

What also comes into play, is that airbot rates their hardware very conservatively. Meaning that a 25a ori is surely gonna be better then a 35a hglrc or something similar. The PCB of the ori is really beefy and since heat is the limiting factor here, you could also just use the heatsink which comes with the ori. My telemetry readings showed me max temps of 48°C of the ESC and my heatsink isnt really hanging in the air or something. Many people have been using the ori with 6s althoug its only rated with max 4s...I guess that proves the point :D

IvanNik   Oct 15, 2018 

Thank you! That's the answer I was looking for!
I'm tired from HGLRC ESCs.. I have so many burned 20x20 plates.. Probably will try this airbot board..

Take a look to this tests I expect 30amp current and 45amp burst for these motors..

Rhart   Oct 12, 2018  

why the capacitor,? how are those motors? I just purchased them for a 290g AUW 5" race build, thank you for sharing.

SebbaLing   Oct 15, 2018 

The capacitor is for filtering the noise in the system. It usually leads to a cleaner fpv image and protects sensitive gyros from noisy escs. If using newer products from well proven companies (like airbot), a cap is usually not necessary anymore but it is still best practice.

The motors are so damn nice, pack a real punch for the low weight, super smooth and come down barely warm. They really shine with the light tmotor props

Rhart   Oct 15, 2018 

That's awesome because I'm almost done with a ultra light 5 inch build with finx23 omnibus fc and ori32 esc, which is bullet proof... AUW with rline 4s and props is 290g!!! but I ditched the capacitors with how clean everything is now. thank you for your reply very nice

Etolier   Oct 11, 2018  

I love every Tooth Fairy I've encountered. Those motors look amazing! Nice build.

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