MaximusFPV Byte Size [Encrypted]

By MaximusFPV on Oct 13, 2018

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For me, the best part about these drones is that there are so many choices. Pretty much the entire time I've been in this hobby, I've tried to make every quad I've built different or new in some way or another because I enjoy seeing what's out there and learning how to do different kinds of builds.
Then I made the Byte Size.
If you've seen some of the other builds on my profile, chances are you've seen the Byte Size. Basically, I took my Modulus 65 (110X) and threw it onto a 2" strectch X frame. Turns out, it's an absolute blast!
Just for fun, I brought one to the field one day and gave it to my main prototyping pilot, Todd Ilgen. He built it up and, after agreeing that it was extremely fun, decided to dive a massive defunct radio tower. Thing it, he caught one of the rungs and, well, physics took over from there.
So what now? Well, why not make it 1.5x the thickness! And so, the 3mm-carbon Byte Size (Encrypted) was born.
Fast-forward a couple of months and I get my first shipment of frames to sell from my dorm room here at RPI. Unfortunately, one of Byte Size (Encrypted) frames had a defect on the end of one arm. Not enough to make it trash, but enough that I didn't want to sell it. This was my perfect excuse to build another Byte Size, so I took it!

One thing that I really like about this frame is that it's just so simple. With a Super_S F3, it's pretty easy to hook up your RX, OSD, and ESC in under an hour. Just drop it all into place, solder a few joints, coat in conformal coating (winter is coming), and screw it all down! After that, it's just some simple BetaFlight-fu and you're off! And when I say you're off, I mean you're off. These Hoverbot 1103 are INSANE. However much punch I thought the 1102 Byte Suze had, this has more. Somehow, this quad is the perfect weight to give these 8000kV just enough punch to send it to the moon but not without control. I love it.

The Byte Size is probably my favorite creation yet. Somehow, this super simple stretch X is just insanely fun, which makes me kind of sad about how much work I put into other frames... Anyway, if you want one, scroll down to the parts list and click the link. Or, if you want one ofr free, look for the pinnes post here.



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StickyRice   Oct 16, 2018  

hmmm it looks wonderful!! but my only problem with a quad like this is that its bottom mounted. Not that i hate bottom mounted because of its flight characteristics but because the battery is prone to being "injured" from hard crashes and landings. Hope you come up with a top mounted Hybrid X kinda quad frame. I am designing a frame but im also looking for that dream frame i just have no way of cnc cutting it. heres a link to mine. Ours is quite similar~

Currently   Oct 13, 2018  

Wow, the power to weight ratio here... Any chance you could post some dvr footage?

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