iFlight HL7 "GreenMachine"

By robbson on Oct 23, 2018

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This is my GreenMachine 7" medium/long range build.

I'm trying the new iflight HL7 V2 frame with 5mm arms. I hope there will be less vibrations than on frames with thinner arms.
The frame is very stiff and there is a lot of space! It's not a particular light (143g) though...
There is a very well fitting GoPro mount available as well.

I tested 4 different props so far.

Dalprop T6040C - Flight time with 1500mah 4S ~5:50min
Gemfan 7042-2 - Flight time with 1500mah 4S ~6:30min (Lots of vibrations!)
Gemfan 6042-3 - Flight time with 1500mah 4S ~6:00min
Gemfan 6042-2 - Flight time with 1500mah 4S ~6:20min

Max speed with the Gemfan 6042-3 is 110km/h.
AUW with 1500mah 4S and GroPro is 689g.

The stand for the GPS module didn't survived the maiden day... I need to think about another solution.



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slavasav   Mar 09, 2020  

Neat! Building the same frame now. Did you figure out what are those hooks at the arms ends for?

simogere   Dec 10, 2018  

Hi robbson, what a nice build! I was planning to build my 7'' quad with the new HL7 v2 frame.
I was looking to the flight time: your max time is 6:30min, right? Isn't a bit to low? Or is it just normal?
I want to use EMAX RSII 2206 1600KV motors and I expect to get a bit more flight time (maybe using a 6S li-ion battery pack)

robbson   Jan 06, 2019 

Hi simogere, the 6:30 flight time was with a 1500mah 4S pack. Obviously you can put a 1800mah or 2200mah pack on it and easily cruise for 10+ minutes. 6S is definitely recommended if you want to do light freestyle. 4S with the low KV motors is good for cruising but not much more.
After a few month of flying the HL7 I still really like it. I get beautiful, smooth footage from it and it just fly like on rails.

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