"Hefner" Rooster 6" gold 6S

By M490fpv on Oct 16, 2018

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Here is my Rooster build from Jan-Feb 2018.
Got 3 Rooster frames from the first batch and built all three in different color schemes. Since then, this is the only one i have not sold.
This 6" build is very powerful with 6S. I use this to get nice freestyle footage.

I anodized the titanium parts with electrolysis. Really simple and easy and creates a beautiful and durable color. If the color wears off, simply put it again to electrolysis and put the same voltage! Youtube is full of instructions for coloring titanium.

Other than that, there is not so much special customization in this build.
Originally had a R-XSR as a receiver, since then I've added a R9 mini.



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Offset   Feb 16, 2019  

hi there, what did you use to get that bronzy colour? voltage and solution? thanks for your time? also do you know what you used voltage wise to get the purple and blues you got? they all look very nice. I'd like to do mine black but you have to head it red hot and dip in wd40 numerous times. not sure if i'll go that route or not. thanks for your help

M490fpv   Feb 16, 2019 

I anodized the parts in a steel cup, filled with battey water and baking soda. The right voltage is really different each time, you just have to start from low voltage and raise it until you have the correct color. In mu case, the goldish color came with about 15V. Purple was about 21V and blue with 30V. After the colorization i gave the parts a bath of window cleaning fluid (containing ammonium). This brightens the color.
There are plenty of good youtube videos of titanium anodization.

M490fpv   Feb 16, 2019 

Here are some color options

M490fpv   Feb 16, 2019 

If you want to get the black color, why not just paint the parts with plastidip? I know it wears off, but it is really easy to re coat?
This way you can also easily change the color again.

Run fpv   Oct 20, 2018  

id love to see this thing fly have you got a link to some footage?

M490fpv   Oct 20, 2018 

here's a short maiden flight video with 5S and 5" cyclone props.

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