Captain America rod

By M490fpv on Oct 21, 2018

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Cool super heroes need a super cool ride, right?

I built this Emodia Racer-X proto frame with a Dalrc 50A Rocket ESC and wanted to leave it on top of the stack to show the cool looks.
The Brotherhobby Speed Shield 1750kv motors look so awesome, that I wanted to add some extra spice to soup with a exhaust header looking wiring.

What you think, hit or miss?

This quad looks surely different, but in the end there is nothing unusual in the build materials, only some fabric tape.

I made all the screws to this build from stainless steel M3 screws and heat treated them to titanium like color.
Btw, Karhu is a Finnish beer brand (logo in the cap). XD

The pod for this frame:
A final version of this frame is now out, go get yours! More info



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mwm8X8   Nov 07, 2018  

Man, the "exaust piping" alone of your build make it worth the creativity oscar of rotorbuilds haha
Very nice!

Offset   Oct 26, 2018  

Love the header wrap, 👌

MaxSendFPV   Oct 23, 2018  

How do you like those motors, I want to do a race build and was wondering what you think about them.

M490fpv   Oct 24, 2018 

I only can tell my experience about 6S and 1750kv version. They feel almost identical to R6 2207 1750kv motors. Really smooth. I have only had few lipos trough it, since it has been bad weather lately. But with R6 motors I have had some more stick time. At first I thought they have a lack of power, but lap timer told otherwise. I had same or better lap times compared to my other race quad with iFlight T2207 1750kv motors. Definitely a great buy!

MaxSendFPV   Oct 24, 2018 

thanks for the feedback, I think I'll go for it, I'm buying the racedayquads version, so it's a 2450kv version but I'll be running it on a high volt 4s or maybe even a 5s.

M490fpv   Oct 24, 2018 

You won't be disappointed!

daniel482   Oct 23, 2018  

its a great hit, a project could be to find some small copper pipes maybe 3mm in diameter that are bendable and use those halfway up the fabric tape so you get the blend of the metal and the fabric
(might be a little heavier tho)

M490fpv   Oct 23, 2018 

Funny! I was considering the same! :D Nice to hear a good feedback!
I decided to stay in fabric tape, because i need flexible cables to be able to access the FC usb, that is now under the "header". Also to keep the weight down. ;)

M490fpv   Oct 23, 2018 

Hmmm... Maybe I could put some stiff heat shrink to cables to get the rigid form and paint the heat shrink tubes to copper color... Let's see! XD

daniel482   Oct 24, 2018 

yeah thats true but your suggestion sounds like a good idea

QuadStar Drones   Oct 22, 2018  

It's a hit!

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