250 quad build

By xmrbline on Oct 23, 2018

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I looked over a lot of very helpful websites and was able to gather lots of good information to succesfully complete my first 250 quad build. This instructable is my effort to create sort of a one stop guide from a pile of parts to taking flight. I will cover the required parts, assembly (wiring soldering, ect...), flight controller programming, and offer a few practice suggestions. Thanks!



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delta_fpv   Oct 23, 2018  

wtf? why??

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P0operMcWank   Oct 27, 2018 

If my mouth looks like it stinks real bad thats because it does. Kind of like the delta_fpv comment.

delta_fpv   Oct 29, 2018 

why does it stink? building a quad like this 2018 is a waste of money and effort. Soim wondering if there was any reason for it, maybe he had the parts laying around or whatever.

Oeliboeb   Oct 29, 2018 

are you offended mister P0operMcWank?

EzRacerツ   Oct 28, 2018  

But sadly dude you can build a WAY better quad for just as much as this, or even cheaper. Idk why in the world you would use these ancient

EzRacerツ   Oct 28, 2018  

I never thought I'd see the day where in 2018 someone was using a naze32. Nice build

QuadStar Drones   Oct 25, 2018  

I like it - very "retro"!
True, there are newer components, but if you are anything like most us when we first started out, these should serve as a good first build. About the only thing that worries me are the escs.

Steinkopf   Oct 27, 2018 

Yes, a classic quad!!! If people appreciate classic cars, we can appreciate classic quads

delta_fpv   Oct 23, 2018  

"This instructable is my effort to create sort of a one stop guide from a pile of parts to taking flight" What are you thinking, this build wasnt even good four years ago and noone should recreate it.

JC250   Oct 23, 2018  


^ with RCX LS2207 2400kv motors instead of the dys samguck 2207

luna95   Oct 23, 2018  

bro its 2018 for that money you can build a x20 better quad and much more cleaner and reliable.

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