Reborn freestyle Chameleon 6S

By M490fpv on Nov 09, 2018

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Bought a used 5" chameleon frame for dirt cheap.
I like Chameleon flight characteristics very much. I've had 4 Chameleons already, so this is my fifth build (and first 6S Chameleon).

Because the weathers in Finland are really bad this time a year, i have much time to spend in my "quad factory". So I decided to put some extra hours in this quad to have some unique looks.

I decided to test a spray paint hydro dip finish to the frame. This is something I have not done before, but I've seen some really nice paint dips.
The spray paint hydro dip was a p.i.t.a. process, but i am really satisfied with the result. I used 4 different colors in the hydro dip, black, gray, white and neon yellow. After the hydro dip. i clear coated the parts with two layers of acryl clear coat.
My advise for the spray paint dip:

  • The water in the dipping tank should be as cold as possible. In warm water, the paint dries in seconds
  • Even if you have a really cold water, you should work fast: Shake all cans well before spraying and be quick in spraying the water surface. You have only about 30-45 seconds to dip the frame in the water from the first spray to surface.

Next I painted the camera pod side plates, capacitor and the Runcam micro eage frame with yellow color.

I didn't like the orange finish in Chameleon's aluminium parts, so I polished all aluminium parts the old fashion way by:  

  1. Removing the hard coating from the surfaces with P80-120 sand paper
  2. smoothing the surface, first P600, then wet sanding with P1200, P1500 and finally 2000.
  3. last a polish with aluminium polishing wax and fabric
    This polishing process is really slow, but gives a chrome like finish. This precise time it took about 8 hours to complete.

I used some printed parts in this builld.
Arm protector plates:
Lumenier AXII mount with integrated rx antenna mount:

In the electronics side there are nothing special, basically all components are proven reliable with 6S so I used them.
The Brotherhobby R6 2306 1800kv motors are really interesting and I cannot wait to get some stick time with 6S.

Some heat shrink here and there....

Now i think the Chameleon looks quite unique. I have not seen a polished Chameleon parts before (excluding Chameleon Ti of course!).



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UnderDawg   Dec 05, 2018  

.I like the process you used for the finish on this frame...I may give this a try sometime.

Moxl   Nov 20, 2018  

What a beauty! Nicely done :)

GZ   Nov 09, 2018  

Looks absolutly stunning with the hydrodipped frame, shiny, camera cage and those r6 motors!

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