Miracle Whoop

By recon on Oct 30, 2018

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LunchboxFPV, www.LunchboxFPV.com, designed and mad scientestsed this whoop! That guy's been working his ass off to bring you some dope booty, definitely check his stuff out. Get the whoop pre-built or get the parts necessary to build your own Miracle Whoop. You'll need to buy his mount in the link below!

We wanted an HD rig indoors. This was the smallest available. Started with the BetaFPV 75x and added the Caddx Turtlet. This is SkyGremlin's build, but he doesn't internet so here we go. Video today.



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DresdenFPV   Nov 01, 2018  

I like it. Not the thing I'd use for racing, but given 1-2 hardware revisions with even lighter cams, something like that might become a nice idea. :-)

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CatsOG   Dec 20, 2018 

Looking forward to seeing that and your mounting scheme! P.S. Doesn't the FC on that already have a converter? In fact you were the one who pointed it out, did it not work?

Bassbeats   Dec 20, 2018 

Here is the video:

The US65 have a 5v output, and the camera can boot and record on that, but when I applied throttle, the Caddx shutted down. So I ended up using a step up regulator and soldered it on the Lipo pads , it works!

CatsOG   Dec 20, 2018 

I think the US65 has some kind of power problem anyway, based on all the reviews where the DVR is saying "Land now" :) But the result is GREAT, congratulations! I knew it could be done!

ItsYaBoyIebe   Oct 30, 2018  

show me some of that hd footage!!! How does it fly?

recon   Oct 30, 2018 

She's got a fat ass! Will post video tomorrow...

ItsYaBoyIebe   Oct 30, 2018 

hahaha exactly what i expected!!!

recon   Oct 31, 2018 

Just updated this page with a video from last night's races.

howboutthatFPV   Oct 31, 2018  

Fotage plaz! looks amazing btw

recon   Oct 31, 2018 

Thanks man, check the footage now!

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