Armattan Rooster Clean Build

By qwadkiller on Nov 01, 2018

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Typical Rooster Build, no need to bore you with build details. ;-)

Found some cool 3D printed parts on Thingiverse. Type "Armattan Rooster" in the search and you can find all kinds of cool prints that you wont find on ebay or Amazon. Link:

My 3D parts added, all flexible TPU material:

  • GoPro Session protective bumper frame designed for Rooster (No straps required)
  • Titanium cage skid plate. Surprisingly good tolerances.
  • Matek Buzzer holder for bottom frame lightening hole and front arm brace.
  • FrSky R-xsr Rx holder and rear arm brace
  • XT-60 and 1000uf capacitor holder
  • Arm end protectors
  • Rear Axii stubby and Rx antenna tube holder
  • Battery Balance connector to battery wire holder

Other parts:

  • Rotor Riot Skids
  • Stikitskins Rooster 5" Skins Galaxy
  • TBS Unify HV Mount Board
  • Rotor Riot UMMAGRIP - Universal Super Sticky Battery Pad



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Jodie Froster   Nov 01, 2018  

Maaaaaaaaaaan, that is some top quality builder porn sir. Top quality. Forgive me for asking, but how much does she weigh all up?

qwadkiller   Jan 11, 2019 

Sorry it took so long! Justgot my new scale! Without battery she weighs 533.0 grams!

M490fpv   Nov 26, 2018  

Very nice and clean! 👍

moxfpv   Nov 16, 2018  

How did you deal with the battery strap hitting the gyro on the kakute v2? Also does the tbs vtx overheat being on the bottom of the stack?

qwadkiller   Nov 17, 2018 

Its hard to see in the pics, I looped the strap back over the top of the center of the battery plate so theres no way for the strap to hit the soft mounted gyro. I have four drones with the Kakute and finding a way to make sure the battery strap dosn't touch it is a pain. BUT I love this controller!

The TBS VTX has not been an issue with overtheating. I run them at 200mw. I added spacers between the mounted TBS tx and the 4-in-1 to provide more airflow. Also, I mounted the TBS board directly flush to the frame contacting the carbon fiber. TBS said it would aid in cooling.

GHETTOBIRD   Nov 03, 2018  

When attaching the capacitor to the battery line like that, is that a printed part, if so do you have a link?

qwadkiller   Nov 03, 2018 

It works great! Here is the link! I paid $19 for 11 pieces made from flexible TPU.

Nolanfeatherstun   Nov 01, 2018  

that gopro mount is chonky!

qwadkiller   Nov 01, 2018 

Haha, I know but after one dead session and second one with a case cracked, I wanted overkill protection!  Those damn trees!

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