7" Raven

By The Van on Nov 02, 2018

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Thanks to using individual ESC, this is my most spacious Raven build yet!

The SpeedyBee F4 sits on nylon nuts & O-rings, making it sit about 3mm off the bottom plate. This FC seems to be discontinued which I find to be a real shame. Speedybee's bluetooth app works really well & the board layout is actually one of my favorites, in a form factor that's easy to work with.

Surely, the ESC could use a higher amp rating. In particular I think I've seen a few slim 40a BLHeli_32 things floating around lately; but, the bullets have always treated me well & with this being more of a long range/cruiser craft, the relatively low 35a rating hasn't been a problem.

I've been trying to get these Racekraft motors to shine for a while now. They started out on a 6" craft - on which I was slowly replacing old parts, but for various reasons I was never able to get a consistent tune out of that quad. Refusing to accept that the motors were to blame (they feel really nice and spin up extremely smooth!), I set them up on what you see here & finally, it feels like they're showing a bit of their merit.

Dry weight is 363g

Maiden flight:



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agarabaghi   Mar 05, 2019  

Are there props in view on the 7" with hero 7?

The Van   Mar 07, 2019 

Hey! We already had an email convo but just for future readers: Yep, props will be in view for pretty much all Raven models w/pretty much all HD cameras :) we love it, but have a freestyle/top mount frame coming very soon as well.

turbovarg   Jan 15, 2019  

This is an awesome looking build. Quite the short stack height with that frame though.

q-ratz   Nov 10, 2018  

This looks awesome. What kind of gopro case / ND filter holder is that?

The Van   Nov 11, 2018 

Thanks! The filter holder is available on thingiverse - will also be purchasable & downloadable (for free) from the Nomad site shortly. Here's the thingiverse link:


Helmetface   Nov 03, 2018  

any videos of this monster in flight?

The Van   Nov 03, 2018 

Sure is! I'll upload the maiden footage as soon as I can. Out this weekend stacking some more clips as well 🤙

The Van   Nov 07, 2018 

Alllright sorry that took so long, was out in the desert for a bit.

^^^ 7" Maiden on a calm day, stock BF 3.2 tune with my normal freestyle rates.

Sometime about halfway through the flight I settle into a hover so I can get some mosquitos off my face.. but other than that, pretty fun flight! Very impressed with performance.

ledimestari   Nov 03, 2018  

Please post pictures how it looks like under the pod? how you fit everything in there

The Van   Nov 03, 2018 

This is the only one for which i don't have any under the hood shots right now (kind of was up against the clock on this one). I'll take some this coming week when I'm back at the shop!

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