Roy G. Biv

By Helmetface on Nov 03, 2018

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So! This is technically my second build, I didn't document the first, as I pretty much just copied a (very sick looking) Acrobrat from here on RR (courtesy of TheDronanaut).

That being said, this was a huge improvement, not over the quad itself, but in my ability to build it; both efficiently and for longevity. That is, she's already taken some gnarly crashes.

Without further ado, I present to you, "Roy G. Biv".

The HelioRC Spring IMUF v2 was incredibly easy for a beginner like myself. Clear instructions (though many of the documents and pics refer to v1, mind that, there are differences.)

A great thing about the Spring FC being paired with the Holybro Tekk 4-1, is that the 8(?)-pin connecter between the two is completely matched. No modifying the layout, no added soldering, etc. Additionally, the pads on the Holybro 4-1 are HUGE, nearly too big. But better too large than too small, right?

You will notice that I used rubberized standoffs and rubber grommets on the FC, hopefully that is a non-issue.

So far, everything is holding up exceptionally well. My only real gripe with the build (and this one is on me) is how I oriented the power wires coming off the FC. Other than that, I'm lovin' it.

Side note: I very much enjoy the building aspect, if you see anywhere in this build where I could have made some improvements, please do tell! I love learning and I want my kwads to survive the many crashes that they will see, inevitably.



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RocketSquidFPV   Dec 04, 2018  

Beut of a kwad. One thing I noticed was the XT60 solder joints look a little cold. Very clean stack tho. Kudos!

Helmetface   Dec 04, 2018 

hey thanks for the kind words!

the xt60 to FC joints are by far the most difficult for me. I still haven't sorted out a great way to do them.

MaxSendFPV   Nov 04, 2018  

Nice build, how do you like those motors thinking about gettign them for a race build but want an opinion. Thanks

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MaxSendFPV   Nov 15, 2018 

thanks for the reply, just received them in the mail and love the look, I building a light weight racer with them so I hope they do good, also want to use the 20x20 helio with the 20x20 aikon coming out.

Helmetface   Nov 15, 2018 

FWIW, this fc/4-1 combo is the easiest setup I've ever experienced.

MaxSendFPV   Nov 16, 2018 

that's good to know, I've also never used butterflight but it seems really similar to betaflight

RZFPV   Nov 04, 2018  


Helmetface   Nov 15, 2018 

430g without battery or Session 5.

I unfortunately broke an arm this week, quad arm that sorry for the delay.

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