3D printed brushless whoop

By ghostface on Nov 04, 2018

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3d printed 0603 brushless whoop!

Get's about 3 min. of flying when murdering the batter down to 3.6V after rest. 2.5 min. is more reasonable at 3.7-3.8v

I first printed the original design but wasn't super fond of the cam built in cam mount. I requested one without the mount to use a regular canopy and the designer posted a fixed version a day later fit perfectly with the canopy and mount linked below.

I rebuilt it a day later with the canopy and all fit perfectly, the canopy is quite sturdy and weights about 0.9g.
(The last pic in the gallery is from the version with integrated cam mount, was 0.5g-1g lighter and came in at 22g.)

All printed in ABS and held up to abuse very well - if it breaks i'll probably reprint it in PCABS but I didn't feel like swapping filament :)
I used 17000kv as I got them cheap during a sale - if buying new I would go with the 19000kv instead - can't say the 17000kv are lacking in power for indoor apartment flying tho.

Flies really well with Betaflight 4.xx purple copper preview build with all new filters :D


I swapped the cam mount for this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1906041 but cut off the sides as i didn't need them, leaving them on should be fine tho. Note that I put the cam mount under the ducts so its (fc-cam mount-ducts).
I updated the linked cam mount in the parts list.

You may need to cut off a little from the top too (not sure as I re-used the mount I had from another build where I had it cut it off already).
This mount raises the camera a little more so it floats above the board and shows less from the ducts.

I also had diagnonal video lines which were solved after making sure the cables from the cam are not touching the FC anymore. I guess some sort of interference.

Tip - put a piece of heatshrink on the left and right part holding the cam to make the cam fit snug (unless you printed it already with a snug fit)

Alt TagAlt Tag

Flight footage


A few people asked about the stls - they are linked under misc parts below :)

Betaflight Config Diff

This is using Betaflight Nightly #1198 build with some new stuff, should apply to bf 3.5.1 the same tho.
I deleted some irrelevant stuff like osd and transmitter/receiver settings.
It's mostly based on mocking bird v3 pids for the ur65 but with some tweaks.

Betaflight / CRAZYBEEF3FR (CBFR) 4.0.0 Oct 27 2018 / 07:20:42 (8609346f2) MSP API: 1.41

feature -MOTOR_STOP
beacon RX_LOST
beacon RX_SET

set gyro_sync_denom = 2
set gyro_lowpass_hz = 100
set min_check = 1001
set max_check = 2000
set airmode_start_throttle_percent = 15
set dshot_idle_value = 509
set motor_pwm_protocol = DSHOT300
set thr_corr_value = 3
set thr_corr_angle = 550
set vbat_max_cell_voltage = 44
set yaw_motors_reversed = ON
set small_angle = 180
set pid_process_denom = 1

profile 0

set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1
set dterm_lowpass_hz = 100
set dterm_lowpass2_hz = 200
set vbat_pid_gain = ON
set anti_gravity_gain = 10000
set feedforward_transition = 50
set pidsum_limit = 1000
set pidsum_limit_yaw = 1000
set throttle_boost = 8
set acro_trainer_angle_limit = 65
set p_pitch = 55
set i_pitch = 55
set d_pitch = 45
set f_pitch = 120
set p_roll = 45
set d_roll = 40
set f_roll = 120
set p_yaw = 50
set i_yaw = 120
set angle_level_strength = 105
set horizon_level_strength = 100
set horizon_transition = 45
set level_limit = 75

rateprofile 0

set roll_rc_rate = 85
set pitch_rc_rate = 85
set yaw_rc_rate = 85
set roll_srate = 84
set pitch_srate = 84
set yaw_srate = 84
set throttle_limit_type = CLIP



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Nabla   Nov 05, 2018  

This is a great looking build!

ghostface   Nov 05, 2018 

Thank you!

bistro   Nov 07, 2018 

do you have .stl to share?

ghostface   Nov 07, 2018 

Yes, all stls are listed under Misc Parts :)

StickyRice   Nov 05, 2018  

nice frame!! would look even more lit if it was clear and had leds. nice build!!

ghostface   Nov 05, 2018 

Got some transparent clear red ABS filament which I haven't tested yet - I might give that a try!

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