By BluescreenISU on Nov 06, 2018

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The Peach is a 160mm Race Frame. This Frame is easy to built under 250gramm
and in combination with 4S, 1408 Motor and 4" Probs the fastest sub250gramm Racer of the world.


Part List


The Peach 160mm (2 builds)
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Flight Controller

HGLRC F438 Micro Stack + 33A 4in1 + F4 Flight Controller (5 builds)
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4 x Tachyon T1408 2-4S FPV Racing Motor


Gemfan 4052 Flash 3-Blatt Clear (2 Paar) Propeller
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FPV Camera

Runcam Micro Sparrow 2 Camera
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FPV Transmitter

Runcam TX200U Video Transmitter
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FrSky R-XSR EU-LBT 16CH Ultra Mini Receiver (5 builds)
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delta_fpv   Nov 07, 2018  

looks great but why not a stretch?

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delta_fpv   Nov 10, 2018 

what happens if its over 250g then? and with stretch i mean longer forward frame length for better pitch authority.

BluescreenISU   Nov 12, 2018 

250g limit force you to attach a fire resistant plate with name and adress; cant fly above 30m and you have to have insurance for RC Drones.

delta_fpv   Nov 14, 2018 

what the fuck, any workarounds or exceptions?

M490fpv   Nov 12, 2018  

Looks great!! Are you actually running 4" Gemfan Flash props in this quad? I am having my frame on the way and bought 1407 3600kv br tornados. Just wondering if these 14XX motors have enough power to run with 4" props.. Especially 4052's!

BluescreenISU   Nov 12, 2018 

Yes just as you say, i tested 4" Gemfan Flash 4052 and they work great! This Racer is extremly fast, no problems with my 1408 Tachyon Motors.
I add some pic´s with 4052.

M490fpv   Nov 12, 2018 

Sounds great!!! Yes, pleaseadd some pics to show the clearance between the frame and the prop. Cannot wait to get mine done! 😊

Jodie Froster   Nov 07, 2018  

So pretty! So dirty!

BluescreenISU   Nov 07, 2018 


Currently   Nov 06, 2018  

Wow, nice pictures! The first 2 are renderings?

BluescreenISU   Nov 07, 2018 

Thnx, first two pics are from desinger of this frame, others are my own.

Noboody   Nov 07, 2018  

How is the canopy attached to the main carbon plate ? Do you have any pictures ?

BluescreenISU   Nov 07, 2018 

Canopy is attached with 3 M3x8mm screws, one in front with nut inside canopy, two in the back without nut.
Canopy fits extremly strong.

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