Realacc 130

By thomaazz on Nov 02, 2016

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I flew with my friends 130 a couple months ago, and was completely sold on it. So i its finally time for my own 130 build. I wanted to keep it as light weight as possible, this craft is meant for small parks. If i want to go racing i'll grab the 5 inch, if i want to be sneaky and fly in a park or playground i'll grab the 3 inch.

First thing i did was throwing away the standard pod that came with this realacc frame, allthough it looks quite nice. I built a stack of components, first the 4-in-1 esc from racerstar, which i think it performs great. I know 20A is a little overkill for these 1105 4000kv rcx motors, but it will be fine :) I 3D printed the camera hood, it is not really ment for this type of cam, but with a little bit of bending and fiddling around i got it in there.

Total of this build, including a 450mah 65c 3s nano-tech battery, has a AUW around 130gr. Its an absolute beast for flying in parks and playground.



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