Snake Eyes ( Gecko 4'' )

By UnderDawg on Jan 21, 2019

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I ordered the 4'' Gecko some time back, but wasn't quite sure how I wanted to build it out. I ended up mounted the Caddx Turtle on top in a TPU mount I found on Thingiverse and will be using the Foxeer Falkor for FPV. This is in the hopes of keeping props out of view of the HD footage.
As for the motors, FC, ESC's and VTX I've used all before and will use again being some of my favorites.
I hope to get a break in the weather soon and get this thing up in the air for some HD footage.



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FPVPirate   Apr 14, 2020  

How does it fly? I just built a Gecko 4" with 1408, 3800kv on 4S

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UnderDawg   Aug 11, 2020 


nazhirin98   Sep 27, 2020 

hows the flight times with 1507 just cruising around?

FPVPirate   Sep 27, 2020 

Using an 850mah 4S and the V1S 4" Prop I get maybe 3-3.5min flying hard. I think cruising around I could get up to maybe 4.5-5min

Tastey   Apr 16, 2020  

I like the snake skin pimp look!

UnderDawg   Apr 16, 2020 


ChristianProgrammer   Dec 10, 2019  

DId you Hydro DIp your Gecko frame sir ? Oh Lordie ....

UnderDawg   Dec 10, 2019 

Yes I did.

ChristianProgrammer   Dec 10, 2019 

well theres another idea Ill be a stealing thanks

Doobie52   Jan 21, 2019  

I want one! Awesome, awesome work.

UnderDawg   Jan 21, 2019 

Thanks Doobie!!

M490fpv   Jan 21, 2019  

Another great looking build!! This makes me want to build this frame as well. :)

UnderDawg   Jan 21, 2019 

Thanks!! I could say the same about some of your builds...

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