1s brushless!

By thijs fpv on Nov 13, 2018

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my second build!
made this quad so i could almost fly where i want haha.
its got quite a bit of punch with some 65mm props (i cutted them down a bit)i used rubber O rings to mount the aio fc and esc combo.
flight time's with a 250mah lipo's are around 2-2,30 minutes but adding a bigger lipo should make it fly longer ;) weight without battery is 28 grams. managed to save weight by removing the top plate and standoffs.
anyways here's a flight video:

thanks :)



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matthew saigon   Jan 12, 2019  

flexrc just released this frame. check it out and tell me what you think ? you can mount anything you want, 16x16 20x20 stack, whoop board, 08xx 11xx motors. with the new beecore f4 10A you have so much options.

thijs fpv   Jan 15, 2019 

looks cool but i'am still going to wait for kabab fpv's frame lol. the frame for 0802 motors are already available at: kababfpv.com

matthew saigon   Jan 15, 2019 

are you sure it's his site ? because he's never mentioned it in his video.
ps: in his intagram, he said it's a dummy site for now. but i ordered anyway, because i really need a frame and don't want to miss out.

thijs fpv   Jan 15, 2019 

yes thats where i've seen the site aswell.

matthew saigon   Jan 10, 2019  

i've just finished a build ( 2:30am right now), same specs as kababfpv's build minus the frame. only mine is a lot uglier :) i had to chop up arms from a frame that can take 08xx motors and put on a frame that is big enough for 66mm props :) i did hover around for testing and it seems good. i'll flight test tomorrow. hopefully snow is gone by then. still i want a nice frame to make it look good. but this is good for now.

matthew saigon   Jan 03, 2019  

i have an idea with this frame. punch holes to fit 1103 motors on. you only need 2 or 3 screws to mount a motor. 2s 16x16mm 6A stack. 1940 props or whatever. or use 16x16 10A esc with 1104/1105 motors 2040 props or whatever. and you have bat 100 v2.0 :) what do you think ?

thijs fpv   Jan 04, 2019 

1104 or bigger is going to be way to heavy for this frame. 1103 on 2s is going to be the max for this frame i think.

thijs fpv   Jan 04, 2019 

i'am just going to wait for kabab fpv's or maximus fpv's frame.

12bladed   Nov 19, 2018  

Did you crashed it, how motors hold up? I have similar built but used sunnysky 0705 motors, and they brake on a touch...

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thijs fpv   Jan 03, 2019 

yes it probably will.

matthew saigon   Jan 03, 2019 

i've just learned from others and pass things around. you see good things you adopt, you see bad things you avoid. there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. i'm not a fpv God, many things i said are going to wrong. but it's good to give out your opinions, so others can correct you. my crappy mantra anyway.
anyway, i have everything to build this build of yours and i didn't. because kk 65mm props, cut down is not the same as kk 65mm props. i've tried that before so i don't want to do it again. i'm going to wait until i find the frame i like. matter of fact, i'm going to hack up a frame soon, in a week of so. it's winter so i'm not in a hurry.

thijs fpv   Jan 03, 2019 

if you want good power, go for 1103 10000kv on 2s with 65mm props.
its probably going to be heavier tho

QuadConnect   Nov 14, 2018  

Cute! Respectable flight times, too. Why this form factor over that of a tiny whoop?

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Valentinejr237@gmail.com   Dec 16, 2018 

does it have less yaw twitch or what I call aero wander when diving or doing high speed outdoor soaring than a duct whoop? I ask cause I don't fly indoors and whoops are all I can afford but want a decent flyer.

thijs fpv   Dec 18, 2018 

it is more stable, but i would recomend getting a 1103 or 0803 motor that is rated for 1 or even 2s.
a 2s build would be more suited for outdoors.

matthew saigon   Jan 03, 2019 

whoops = easy to fly around tight spaces and gaps ( cuz of prop guards), and not for anything else (cuz of prop guards)

tfernandes   Nov 27, 2018  

wonderful. I have a qx100 frame and would like to replicate the same on it. can i install the caddxx turtle v2 on it to get hd footage?

thijs fpv   Nov 28, 2018 

no it wont take off. way to heavy unless you go 3s

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