Orange Floss 6S

By M490fpv on Nov 25, 2018

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This is the complete tear down and reassebly of my orange floss.
This frame has been one of my favorites in 2018 and i think i have 4 Floss frames in use (plus some spare frames).

This particular quad has a Emax LS 2207 1900kv motors and it is VERY fast with 6S.
I have been flying with this one for whole summer and it looked very bad and dirty already, so I decided to refresh it.

First I tried some hydro dip to frame, but it ended up horribly fugly XD
I guess i must learn this hydro dipping more before ruining any more parts ;)
...So i picked up a spare frame and continued with bulky carbon look.
Cleaning every part from the grass green and putting everything again together, so the build looks clean and fresh again!
I must say, that the Lakier / PRF stuff is a p.i.t.a. when you disassemble the whole quad! Even if you are suppose to solder everything through the laquer, it smells really bad and soldering is not as easy as in clean surfaces.
Putted some nice looking heat shrink to motor wires and some nylon net tube to FC wirings to have a clean look.
Now it looks nice and fresh again! :)



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Tyger   Mar 18, 2019  

Love the build absolutely amazing. Have you had an issues at all?; as I'm looking to make nearly a mirror copy in the Marmotte frame.

M490fpv   Mar 18, 2019 

thank you!! 😊 I have not had any issues, great parts for 6S build! 👍 Just remember to power the vtx from the main battery leads and camera from the vtx. Also add a lc filter to the vtx/cam power line. CLR has not the best filtering, so this is a must.

Jodie Froster   Nov 27, 2018  

Very nice man. Bet she's fast like a rocket. Have you ever tried running forever tubes out that canopy and using it for your reciever antenni? I run mine off my arms like you, but I just got a 3D printer and I really want to use it to make a cool top side antenna mount like the one you aren't using. Should I just skip it? Do the tubes end up getting chopped? Shoved through the plastic into your circut boards?

M490fpv   Nov 27, 2018 

Thanks! :) It is very fast. I have never tried with a proper top speed props, but with normal track props (Gemfan Hulkies) we measured 172kph. So with APC 5" twin blade props it should go >190 with 6S.

The RC antenna tube mounts are in very fragile position in the canopy. First crash and the tubes are always cut off. Maybe some good softer TPU 98A tubes might work in the canopy. I have only had 3 sets of normal plastic antenna tubes in the canopy and every time i crash, they get chopped. Then i got frustrated and located the antennas to arms. You can see my first try in the last photo.

M490fpv   Nov 27, 2018 

Let me know, what kind of mount you end up with?

StickyRice   Nov 26, 2018  

matching colors, sleek 3d print, 6s... PHEW that quad is lookin fine!! post us a vid some time soon~

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