FlexRC Ascent X 2.5 (Lexi)

By TMac on Nov 21, 2018

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Flipped ORI32 180 degrees and rotated -90 degs so motor pads are facing up and Lipo pads are to the rear. Also, rotated Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano V6 -90 degs so USB port is in back and 8-pin connector is in front (the same as the 8-pin connector for the ESC). Got both the ESC and FC seperately which also meant I needed to purchase the 3cm 8-pin connector seperately. Also, turned the Caddx F2 upside down and used Image Flip so I could get more camera angle without the camera connector in back making contact with the stack behind it and therefore limiting its angle. This stack in conjunction with the T Motor F15 1106 6000 kv mottors riding on the FlexRC Ascent frame is a Dream 2.5-inch Micvro!


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sergetania   Nov 21, 2018  

I have built an Acrobrat with this Airbot stack and I still remember the pain of endlessly rotating things. Amazing how you have done it in this frame! 👍

TMac   Nov 21, 2018 

Thanks! Flipping and rotating wasn't too bad at all. I really like the Ascent frame. It has so much room, vertically too! i was able to get the ESC, FC, Runcam DVR, VTX and RX in one stack and still not be over the top of the frame! First time I've used the Runcam DVR. i like it.

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