Llama Rainbow Unicorn - Floss2.1Hybrid R6 2207

By tehllama on Mar 01, 2019

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This is based on my template for my 2019 racing setup, relying on using Hybrid Floss (5" front, 6" rear) frames on 6S-Ready setups.
I was able to cobble this together on black friday from ProgressiveRC, Northsight_Solutions, Pyrodrone, and some older GetFPV sales. That said, this is the first RotorBuilds upload I've made where cost isn't in the top three for considerations. For me, this setup still stayed under $250, but cloning it without the benefit of black friday sales it would a bit beyond that. To be honest, I'd recommend spending a touch more and running this setup off of an R-XSR and UnifyHV-Race (or CRSF Nano and UnifyV2)

The frame is a hybrid (5" front, 6" rear) Floss 2.1 - this is my third such frame after I happend into testing out this setup when I broke an arm at a race and only had a 6" boomerang to throw on the back. After one heat on that setup, that's been my go-to frame layout for the last six months. If this setup is good enough for Evan Turner to dominate at MGP Nationals, it's more than adequate for me. Curiously, this comes in at the same weight (within 2g) as Evan's, making this a really close clone - which I didn't realize until two weeks after I took my pair of 2019 race season builds out for a maiden the week of MultiGP Nationals.

Aesthetics were priority #1

on this particular variant, because I want to take my resplendent pink RIT dyed PHX-3D Canopy with dollar tree nail polish,a Pink Tiny'sLED backlighting the canopy, and an extra CJMCU 8-LED panel on the back. I'm still partial to running DAL T5046C props (although I also really like how it flies on Gemfan 5149's - and I'm looking forward to running some Gemfan 5146.6 props). The pictures here don't do it justice for how good it looks with any of those propellers in any kind of lighting.

The flight control stack is all I'd change (I'd run the PyroF4/Furling or PyroF4/35A stack). In this case, I'm rolling on a Cicada 6S 30A, which is excellent, and a Furibee F4 V5. Yup, still a solid flight controller if you add capacitors to the 5V rail and soft-mount it, but these aren't in stock anymore, and most importantly lack the ability to use smartaudio OR a Pit PinI/O switch to turn off video.
I've added the big honking 35V 1000uF capacitor on there since taking pictures, really solid so far, but I've only put a dozen packs through this thing.

The BrotherHobby R6 is really a benchmark motor - no surprise that they're phenomenally smooth and deliver solid power. This thing makes for a surprisingly good proximity rig on 4S with 1300mAh batteries and DAL T5050C props, although running that same setup with 6S packs makes this thing absolutely scream (Pulse 6S 1050 or a CNHL 6S 1000/1250mAh).

As a practical consideration, I would build this again but use the 2150KV version of these motors and try keeping it on a 6" frame.

Overall, that goal would be to make it a better economy cruiser on 4S, and really 'unleash the beast' on 6S - but that really needs BLHeli_32 to fine tune motor timing in order to keep away from desyncs.


Part List


HyperLite Floss "V2.1" Race Frame 5mm Arms 5" (28 builds)

Flight Controller

F4 V5 PRO Flight Controller with OSD - $42.09 |GearBest.com (5 builds)


Sunrise Cicada 6S 30A 4-in-1 ESC (5 builds)


4 x BrotherHobby Returner R6 2207 1750kv (1 Pack) Drone Racing Motor


Gemfan Flash Durable 5149-3 choose color (11 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Predator Micro V3 16:9/4:3 PAL/NTSC switchable 1000TVL FPV Camera Super WDR OSD 1.8mm Lens (149 builds)


Lumenier AXII MMCX 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (70 builds)


Frsky XM+ Micro D16 SBUS Full Range Receiver (1149 builds)


CNHL MiniStar 1000MAH 22.2V 6S 100C Lipo Battery (5 builds)


FrSky Taranis QX7 ACCESS 2.4GHz RC Transmitter - Choose Your Color (263 builds)


Flysight FPV Goggles 5.8Ghz Diverity Video Goggles SPX02 40CH Wireless RC Drone Racing Goggles with HDMI in and PIP Function DJI

Misc Parts

TrueRC / Lumenier u.fl AXII "MayDay FPV" Floss V2 Canopy | phoenix3dsolutions (3 builds)
See Site

Video Receiver

ClearView 5.8 Ghz Pro Receiver - ClearView Factory Direct

Radio Module

iRangeX IRX4 Plus 2.4G CC2500 NRF24L01 A7105 CYRF6936 4 IN 1 Multiprotocol STM32 TX Module With Case (5 builds)

Battery Charger

ISDT SC-608 150W 8A MINI Smart LCD Battery Balance Charger AU Warehouse (14 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 Portable Programmable Smart Soldering Iron (265 builds)


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