By acromode on Dec 11, 2018

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everything is together

a bit trickier than your average build but thats to be expected

havent been out to fly it yet becuase of the cold and short days



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ErgoFPV   Dec 13, 2018  

This frame is definitely something different! Please post your impressions once you take it for a flight.

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ThumbzFPV   Dec 15, 2018 

For racing I'm keeping it as light as I can to avoid destroying frames constantly. I'm flying a 2mm 5" version of the frame. The components I'm using are Hyperlite 2205 2522kv, a Bardwell V2 fc, and the racerstar/rcharlance 35a 6s esc (awesome cheap esc btw). I fly it with 1300's bottom mounted with the stack built on top of the frame like you see here. The frame itself is surprisingly configurable (can use any battery orientation you want) so I don't use the carbon fiber battery cage pieces. The 2mm version of the frame is quite strong for what it is, but don't expect it to hold up like a Rooster. I take two identical quads to race because I almost always end up breaking an arm. Arms are cheap though, and In my opinion well worth the huge advantage this frame gives you.

ErgoFPV   Dec 16, 2018 

Thanks for sharing! Is there any particular prop you can recommend for that setup? And another question, did you get a chance to fly it against 6S quads? I hear the message that you don't actually need 6S if you get the motors, props and weight right, but it kind of feels like 6S is becoming the new 4S, so I'm wondering.

lepricrashfpv   Dec 16, 2018 

I will have to try a frame like it for racing. it looks like propwash is a non issue with the way the arms are made.

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