Armattan Gecko 3" Build!

By qwadkiller on Nov 30, 2018

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Just finished my Armattan Gecko 3" build! Can't wait to fly it once the rain stops!

Update: I looked at the pics after uploading them and wow really blurry, so i retook them. I also changed from an XT60 to an XT30. The XT60 looked way out of proportion!



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qwadkiller   Jan 09, 2019  

just got my new scale, 284.0 grams with r-line 850 95c battery. 180.8 without battery.

Nikotttin   Dec 03, 2018  

Very nice!
What's the weight (or estimated weight :) ) and what are your flight times?
I've wanted to build one but got scared for the above reasons.
Thanks for the input!

qwadkiller   Dec 04, 2018 

Once I get out to fly i will record the flight times on 4s 850mah 95c and 70c batteries. I am trying to find my scale to weigh this one and my rooster build.

qwadkiller   Dec 04, 2018  

The buzzer location was really bothering me. I was able to fit it just behind the runcam. I was now able to heat shrink the capacitotr to the power wire. Much happier! Pics added.

Grixes   Dec 01, 2018  

Since I saw this build , You completely changed my mind as I was looking to build a 3" Acrobrat. Thanks :)

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