Ohmygawd You're Beautiful

By Droneless_fpv on Dec 01, 2018

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TumbiUmbiTek   Jan 20, 2019  

I thought that in Gecko vs Acrobrat ...as well.. that the weight of he Acrobrat is what you want for 3" freestyle ...so you can have the momentum to carry you through when doing tricks?

Grixes   Dec 02, 2018  

I was dead set on getting this frame but after I looked at the Armattan Geko - I am now not so sure that the Acrobrat is the 3" is want anymore. The Acrobrat is bigger heavier even though the frame is slightly cheaper it has no lifetime warranty even though it may be durable.

Droneless_fpv   Dec 02, 2018 

That is so true. The Geck is sexy as hell. But if you want to run hd the frame helps alot. ive seen some hd footage of the gecko in action and seen alot of jello. but its what floats your boat 

Grixes   Dec 02, 2018 

Thats what I thought - hmmm decisions decisions

Droneless_fpv   Dec 02, 2018 

the brat allows for 3 boards which is great. I like to isolate the vtx on its own

Johnny_Kim   Dec 02, 2018  

i am still trying to like this frame :p

Droneless_fpv   Dec 01, 2018  

She'a beauty. Flies super smoot. Used the same components on the frames and thia by far has virtually zero vibrations or jello on the hd footage

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