Cinematic Micro 2"

By OzFPV on Dec 03, 2018

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This is a 2" Cinematic Micro (aka Cinewhoop). The goal is safety, smoothness, and being able to fit through impossibily small gaps while shooting at 1080p @60fps with near GoPro quality. This is based off of SEKILE FPV cinematic micro build. The FC and ESC are gutted from a Lizard95. A Caddx Turtle V2 was used instead of the RunCam split mini. This is also setup in pusher configuration with the intention of improved efficiently with cleaner air coming off the props. I didn't spend enough time with the normal configuration to say if the pusher configuration is a real improvment, but it seems to fly well, so I'm sticking with it.



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Haentz   Jan 15, 2019  

Ha, great stuff! I plan to build a cinewhoop with the same frame (with the Mamba stack you mentioned below :)). I 'm having a hard time deciding between 1106 6000KV or 4500KV motors though… Do you think 4500 would be enough on 2S, since I probably will not go super fast anyway (mostly flying in the forrest). And for more speed I could just use 3S. What batteries do you fly?

OzFPV   Jan 15, 2019 

Sweet! I don't know too much about small motors. I don't do micros as much as I do 5" size drones. I ended up with the 1106 6000kv cuz they were canibilized off my Lizard95 to save some money. They seem to be doing a good job. Getting about 3.5 - 4 mins of flight time. Power on 1106 6000KV is good, but I won't say it's fast. I used 650mah 3s lipos. I also had 450mah 3s that I used on the Lizard, but the amp consumption is higher now with the extra weight of the Exuav 90 frame. So I build a connector so I can put two 450mah in parallel.

If I was to do this again I probably won't build this drone. Instead I would build a Miracle Whoop which is a 75mm brushless Betafpv or Mobula7 with the Caddx Turtle mounted to it. My goal was a drone that is small and safe to fly inside and around people but can record high defintion footage. The 75mm Betafpv/Mobula7 style and size is a little small and a little more safer.

Haentz   Jan 15, 2019 

Thanks! Think I'll go with the 6000KV then :) How about a TinyHawk with a Split Mini, might work well too… I have the Mobula and the TinyHawk and the latter frame is definitely a lot more stable.

OzFPV   Jan 15, 2019 

No problem! TinyHawk with a split mini is the same idea IMO. It looks a little odd but seems like it's possible.

I don't have any real need to build out a Miracle Whoop style setup having already built out this Exuav. It flies well, it's small enough, and safe enough for my needs.

Arise   Jan 14, 2019  

What size of props can you use on this frame?

OzFPV   Jan 14, 2019 

Tolerances are tight with 2" props, so I don't see how you can fit anything bigger than that.

Rajeev Gopal   Dec 18, 2018  

Why have you put the motors upside down? is there any advantage? or is it the way to build in this frame?

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OzFPV   Dec 18, 2018 

If you build it the normal way the swift and anyother micro camera will fit just fine. I would recommend you build it the normal way unless you want to try something different.

Rajeev Gopal   Dec 18, 2018 

Thanks. I am planning to use HGLRC XJB 428. Is there any other better choice

OzFPV   Dec 18, 2018 

If I didn't take the parts from a Lizard95 I already had I was looking at using the MAMBA F405 Mini stack.

ghostface   Dec 08, 2018  

Cool! Can you link the stl for the cam mounts?

OzFPV   Dec 10, 2018 

Nope, those are zipties.

ghostface   Dec 10, 2018 

Lol - good job!

Whiffles   Dec 04, 2018  

Awesome! How much throttle do you need to give it to hover? Looks a bit heavy.

OzFPV   Dec 04, 2018 

Hovers around over 25%. It's definatly not a Lizard95 anymore, but speed and agility is no longer the goal.

OzFPV   Dec 04, 2018 

It's a photography platform drone now.

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