Skitzo Nova

By Doobie52 on Apr 18, 2019

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Lesson learned on this build. I invested so much into it, that I don't want to fly it. Sure does make some beautiful wall art!



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kiwi Quad   Apr 19, 2019  

i hear you on the frame quality. I got an Armattan Marmotte & broke the bottom plate on the 3rd flight (wasn't even a big crash). I also have a TBS source one & have crashed it a ton & nothing broken (yet the Marmotte frame was more than double the cost of the Source frame)

Doobie52   Apr 19, 2019 

One thing I learned in the past year of flying FPV. It doesn't matter if the frame is expensive or cheap, if you crash hard enough, stuff is going break. Also, the biggest crashes don't always cause the most damage. It's a good thing I enjoy building and repairing as much as I like flying!

Jodie Froster   Apr 19, 2019  

There is a $30 version of that frame on Amazon. I know you are having some feelings about this one, and how much it costs (and I COULDN'T agree more that $100 is too much for a 5" frame). If it was $30 you would probably feel like it was right on time, maybe even a great value for a full featured and well thought out design. A bargan, even. If you use the two full size stack mounting holes, or at least one of the rear stack mounts at all, you would REALLY be stoaked. I think that's really the point of this design, you can use the rear bay for your FC if you like. I know the fear that setting your gyro away from the center of the craft is logical, but they seem to perform well in that configuration anyway. You could use a 4 in 1 esc, and a stack mounted vtx. If you aren't using all those stack mounting holes... I hate to say it but they are in a pretty sketchy position (structurally, they are clost to the edges of the frame, so they weaken it in some slightly scairy ways) and you would be a lot better off without them. The frame is a GREAT design for lowering your top plate and using full size boards, or even a 2 stack arangement of various sizes. If you AREN'T using a two stack setup I would use a different frame.

Doobie52   Apr 19, 2019 

My problem isn't with the price of the frame. One hundred dollars seems to be about the price you pay for a "premium" frame. But if you want to call it a premium frame, make sure everything fits well (or include files like the Alien), that there's some quality control (especially when you talk up the titanium hardware), and make sure that all the issues have been addressed before you go into production (the now included Super Nova arms). I bought the frame because I liked the layout, and it's working well. I think I was just expecting the same level of quality that I though the Dark Matter had and I was a bit disappointed. I've been flying it every day this week on spring break and it's shortcomings have been redeemed by the way it flies. It's the main quad in the video above.

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