By MattS on Dec 07, 2018

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So, it's cold outside. Which, for me, means it's time to build some quads. I know, I know... that's a little backwards. Shouldn't I build during the summer when I can fly them?? Yes, I should, but I'm busy in the summer. Now that its winter it gets dark super early and, as I mentioned earlier, it's freaking cold outside - which means, time to spend too much money and build a bunch of quads I won't be able to fly until Spring...

Another solid design from Adam "HyphPV" Kobitz, the Wobblegong is a super light frame he designed for Jawz. I picked up a couple of these frames to build up and test with various motor combinations. This build I'm using the Pyro Drone's Hyperlite 2207.5 1722kv motors on 6S spinning Azure 5150s - should be peppy. I've got the quad together, but I need to design an AXii mount. I'll post a few picks, but will update them once the mount has been installed.

UPDATE 12/19 - whipped up an AXii and RX antenna holder, as well as a GoPro Session couch (not that anyone still has a WORKING SESSION)... I'll add links to the files as misc
UPDATE - 12/24 - Maiden footage... SUPER WINDY [



Part List


Wobbegong (Coming "Soon") by Adam Kobitz

Flight Controller

PyroDrone F4 OSD (38 builds)


Spedix GS40 40A 2-6s 4-In-1 ESC (6 builds)


4 x Hyperlite 2207.5-1722KV HV EDITION


Azure Power 5150x3 SERIES

FPV Camera

Caddx Turbo Micro F2 1/3" CMOS 2.1mm 1200TVL 16:9 NTSC/PAL Low Latency FPV Camera W/ Microphone (3 builds)

FPV Transmitter

AKK FX3 Ultimate Mini 20x20 25/200/400/600mW VTX w/ Smart Audio (MMCX & U.FL) (75 builds)


Lumenier AXII U.FL 5.8GHz Antenna (LHCP)


DSMX Quad Race Receiver with Diversity (SPM4648) (6 builds)


Pyro-Drone Graphene 1250mAh 6S 22.2V 75C By Who Cares! (7 builds)

Misc Parts

Racelite LEDs for RaceWire (8 builds)

Misc Parts

Wobblegong AXii Antenna Hat by MattS-IndyFPV
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Misc Parts

Wobblegong GoPro Session couch by MattS-IndyFPV
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RZFPV   Dec 07, 2018  

how do u like that esc also how it the camera

MattS   Dec 07, 2018 

This is the second Spedix GS40 I've used on a build. No complaints at all, other than the price. 😀 I'd rather pay a bit more and have no complaints than save $15 and have a series of issues. As far as the camera... the jury is still out...

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Jan 15, 2019

The iFlight XL5 V3 is a fantastic freestyle frame for the price. It features chamfered edges on some very nice quality carbon fiber. My goal for this build was to use high quality components at a relatively low price. Not only that, but I managed to reduce the number of solder points to the bare minimum. I've never built such a plug-in-play quad! The flight controller has an integrated VTX and doesn't..

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Nov 16, 2018

Update! Happymodel has released a new V2 Frame which uses a more durable plastic. The Happymodel Mobula7 is one of those rare treats to hit the micro scene. Countless models hit the market every month, but this one just happens to check all the boxes. It's a 2S brushless micro with a 75mm motor stance. It's slightly larger than the more traditional 65mm brushed micros, but it's still quite small...

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