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By Helmetface on Dec 16, 2018

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The sky is grey and the trees stripped of all their decoration. The ground is littered with season's passed. Winter is upon us.

Honoring the gloom, I present to you, "Ghost".

Edgy, right?

After losing my KiSS'd Martian II, I really wanted to experiment with Butterflight on a Martian. This being my second Butter build, I think this is going to be a trend for myself. Otherwise, the components are pretty standard. I am experimenting with much more expensive motors than I'm accustomed to- but only time will tell in that regard.

White paint is a "farm truck" grade paint (not two part). Three coats applied, 24hr between coats and light sanding. The clear is basic Rustoleum. Three coats, 15 minutes appart. 24hr rest, light sand, final coat. We'll see how well it stands up to me!

It isn't quite "slammed", but I am using 25mm standoffs. IIRC, stock standoffs are 35mm.

You'll notice Ghost is not 100%, as of yet. But soon! And I'll some pictures, as well.



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TheDronanaut   Dec 19, 2018  

White ... is ... right! Good job man!

EZRACER   Dec 18, 2018  

It looks glorious...

StickyRice   Dec 18, 2018  

dudeeeee the white is LIT!!! be careful tho hahaha snow might confuse ya when you crash in snow haha. Looks great dude!

Nabla   Dec 17, 2018  

Have you had any issues with EMI - running on 5s or 6s?

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Nabla   Dec 17, 2018 

Well, I have been trying to raise awareness at Helio because I believe I found a pretty simple solution (replacing the gyro power supply voltage regulator to one with a different power supply rejection ratio), but I have not go anywhere with them.

Helmetface   Dec 17, 2018 

That's unfortunate. On the outside, the guys at Helio seemed to be pretty receptive to feedback. I hope that's not changing.

Nabla   Dec 17, 2018 

Actually, the people Helio seem really receptive... but I guess one person saying, "Hey this might be a solution to your issue," in their see of Slack comments might get over looked because the comment is esoteric.

FrenchB   Dec 17, 2018  

lots of work

Helmetface   Dec 17, 2018 

Pft, you're telling me!

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