Phoenixed Blues

By Sasquads on Dec 19, 2018

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GEPRC Phoenix 3" frame with Sunnysky 1106 - 6500kv motors.
The GEPRC frames are of very nice quality carbon and well designed.
I build some before and thought I get this one, because it made a strong impression.
This one has LED's behind the 3D printed part between the standoffs in the back.
Although it is a thight build, I can recommend this frame.
Maiden flight will follow.



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Sasquads   Jan 13, 2019  

Well see for yourself.
This is a different quad, with Emax 1106 - 4500kv on 4s, with 3"prop
Emax even sells a 3" babyhawk with these motors.
I would say 1106 is sufficient

AsqRob   Jan 13, 2019  

How is the power on the 1106? I keep reading that 3" really need 120X or above.

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