Rover 7

By KaityLynn on Feb 09, 2019

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7" Long Range, build out. Focusing on INAV for navigation, being design with safe longer range flying with better self guidance.

The motor/ESC combo is just to get it into the air. The little 2206 motors are woefully overpropped and any heavy throttle jumps their amp draw through the ceiling. Only able to order 2 of the T80-Pro, 1900's so far. Also have to order the ESC's. Eventually, will get it equipped in a way I would feel better about long range flying with it.

Also, looking for another choice in 7" props. The HQ's are well balanced...but I had one split at the hub while out flying causing the loss of a blade. The F7 is a fast processor...but not that fast! Luckily it was a soft landing in some shrubbery that kept the damage minimal.



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M490fpv   10 days ago  

Looks good!
Have you concidered the dal 7056 tri blade props? Or are they an overkill for the 2400kv's? I'm currently building my 7" and have the karearea toa 1600 kv 2306's to it. I have the dal props already, so at least I'll be testing it.

KaityLynn   9 days ago 

I have not really looked in to props except to get it airborne. The 2206 motors are temporary as I save up for the T80 Pro 1900's.

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