Commissioned Ghost V2 6S

By acromode on Dec 23, 2018

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my custom build service continues to provide me a good opportunity to build, this time weve got a mode 2 ghost decked out with FlightOne gear and Xnova 1900kv motors

the frame is top notch, really nice quality and finish, the pre installed press nuts is a nice touch.

Had the idea to mount the motors backward and run the wires under the arm so there’s no chance of prop strikes and better for aerodynamics, the wires were the perfect length to accomodate

it ended up getting a bit tight in the back with the thick mach 3 competing for space, the mmcx connector did end up fitting nicely through the tpu antenna mount

rxsr is up front and had to be carefully oriented to clear the full range of the camera

the spark32 had to be side mounted due to clearance with the arms, but it does look neater with the pads inside the frame,

i believe some of my connectors from flightone had the postive and negative terminals reversed, i fried an FC and Rx, stupid mistake, dont assume your suppliers always have it right.



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