Gatehunter RS 6 - 6" racer prototype

By Dave_C FPV on Dec 25, 2018

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This frame is an early prototype of a light 6" strech-x racer I am working on.
Frame weight is 66 grams with canoyp and hardware and the build is around 310 grams w/o battery. The arms are 5mm carbon.
Pulls around 110amps on 6S and 6" props with the 1500kV 2306 motors. The top speed and acceleration with this stetup is absolute insaity!



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nahox   Dec 31, 2018  

That frame looks great? Do you have any idea if you're going to sell it?

Dave_C FPV   Dec 31, 2018 

Thanks! yes but it'll take a few more months of intense testing and improving the design before I'm ready to release it...

BloodyLordV   Dec 25, 2018  

From  what I see the TWR is quite low (circa 12:1) yet the disc loading number (assuming you're using 6s 1300 Gnb LiPo) and looks are just amazing. Can you provide a DVR from track flying? I'd be really curious about it.

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BloodyLordV   Dec 25, 2018 

Man, that looks bonkers!!!!!!! I would love a conopy based on this one for my frame. If you're interested in helping me, let me know and I'll send you my contact data via YouTube.

idiotsniff   Feb 02, 2019 

and those props are done 😔 those 6x5x3 lumenier props are nice, but durability is absolute shite! Amazing flying and what you've done so far with this build is amazing.

Dave_C FPV   Feb 02, 2019 

Thanks! Yeah those props fly amazing but they are expensive and pretty much trash after avery crash... I just have crazy vibrations after they took an impact. Seems like they tend to bend...

Thegingakid   Jan 18, 2019  

How do you design the frame? Any how to videos or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Dave_C FPV   Jan 19, 2019 

I use Fusion 360 and the rest is learning by doing. I have an Engineering background tho. What really helps is having a 3D printer to quickly prototype...

Thegingakid   Jan 21, 2019 

I've been playing around with fusion and totally agree with a 3d printer. I've been having a lot of fun but my canopies never come out like this. beaitiful work!

tomas89   Jan 06, 2019  

it is nice frame!!! would be it possible buy stl on canopy and frame??? than you

LeoFPV   Dec 26, 2018  

That looks awesome

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