Flat Frog (1S, Brushless, 2", 1103, 26x26)

By crisat on Dec 26, 2018

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  • Easy and quick build, using a "tiny whoop" style FC on a frame with 20x20mm mounting holes using1103 motors and 2 inch props.
  • With an adapter for a "whoop" style FC to any frame with 20x20mm mounting holes, which I designed. (Feel free to download its stl files from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3314449 for 3d printing.)
  • The adapter requires 2.5mm screws and can be used on frames with 2.5/3mm diameter mounting holes.
  • The canopy is just a piece of a shopping bag held in place by a 3d printed clasp (in the same stl file).
  • The battery is held in place with a 3d printed battery holder (in the same stl files).
  • The adapter incorporates a camera mount with 15 deg of inclination.
  • Moving the FC and fpv system into different frame and motors is very easy.
  • This is similar to my other build, the squashed frog which does not require a 3d printer.
  • This build opens up new ways to enjoy your frames or whoop FC. I hope you will like the simplicity of this idea as much as I do.




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nitram509   Jul 24, 2019  

Hi, great ideas, how you build it.
You can save 2-4g if you replace all steel screws with titanium ones, shorten the motor wires, remove the motor connectors and direct solder the motors.
I know, it's fiddly work, but you could gain around 10% weight savings :)

Happy flying.

crisat   Jul 25, 2019 

Thanks. I agree. My screws are made of steel, quite heavy. Now, I am trying to find cheap titanium or alluminium screws and lighter 2inch popin propellers (2 or 3 bladed), so that I would also save the weight of 8 screws.

I would never have immagined that I would be happy to save 1g :)

DPJ   Dec 27, 2018  

Great work, how does it fly with the Bee FC?

crisat   Dec 27, 2018 

Thanks. It flies not bad: with a 7g 260mah battery (1S), it flies for 3 minutes and some seconds. It is stable and silent. It goes to failsafe more often than I expected, around corners of my house: maybe this carbon frame is too thick for this antenna. It want to try a thinner frame weighting less than 6g, but I struggle to find a cheap one.

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