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By akettle44 on Dec 27, 2018

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After flying my rooster around for a couple of months, I was yearning for something lighter and more responsive. This thing absolutely rips, and the power is remarkebly smooth too.



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snevahd   Jan 22, 2019  

Noticed in your summary that you were looking for something "lighter and more responsive", do you feel like you would have achieved the same results on an armattan rooster or chameleon TI frame, or was there something specific about the X5 that made it lighter or more responsive? Curious as I am planning my first build.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, where do you fly? Noticed you were in the SJ area.


akettle44   Jan 22, 2019 

What's up! To answer your first question, for my purposes the AstroX is a whole different beast than my rooster. Although I haven't calculated the AUW on either of the quads, the AstroX has a considerabley more responsive and agile feel. The difference is so apparent that I have started using them for different things, the rooster does a lot of my cinematic and smooth flying, where as the AstroX does more of my snappy freestyle flying. That being said, you could most likely build a very similar Chameleon TI or Rooster to my AstroX using the right components. As I was alluding to earlier, the components you choose have a direct correlation to how the quad feels in the air. Whether it be a Chameleon TI, Rooster, or Astrox5, my motor choice has proven to be the most important factor for the feeling of my quad. Keep in mind that the difference in frame weight is probably 20-30 grams at most. My rooster is running 4s on 2206.5 2450kv motors. These lumenier motors provide sufficient power, but I bought them knowing that I was going to sacrifice power for smoothness. On the other hand, the BrotherHobby 2207 1750Kv on 6s are extremely torquey and responsive. But this comes at the cost of some smoothness of the quad, creating a more jerky feeling overall. Knowing that I use the quads for different styles of flying allows me to utilize both of their strengths. Other factors that further make my quads different are my choice of gopro on each of them, which is a balance between weight and video quality. To answer your second question, I don't feel as if the results would have been too different, for a first quad I would actually go with a Rooster or Chameleon TI because they are much more durable than the AstroX5.
As for SJ, this is not the best place to fly haha. I spend a fair amount of time at baylands. And if it is the weekend, schools and office buildings can be a lot of fun. I like going to baylands a lot because I get to meet other pilots and learn about both them and their builds. Baylands is extremely friendly to the FPV community, as long as you are curtious of your surroundings and other pilots. Before I left to go back to school, I also found this spot off mckean road in new almaden. But other than that, it is mostly lots of city, which is hard to find places to fly in.

snevahd   Jan 23, 2019 

Awesome feedback! Thank you. One more question for you, when is the best time to show up to baylands? Are we talking about baylands park in Sunnyvale: https://sunnyvale.ca.gov/community/parks/baylands.htm

Is there a cost to go to the park? Cash only?


akettle44   Jan 23, 2019 

Yeah, the one in Sunnyvale. I believe the park is cash only, $6 is what I normally get charged. The toll booth is pretty hit and miss though, sometimes I get charged, sometimes I don't. I have found I get charged the least often early on saturday and sunday mornings, so that is my favorite time to go!

SpikeDiesel   Dec 28, 2018  

Noice man, but that antenna mount gives me "sheer" anxiety; )

akettle44   Dec 28, 2018 

Thank you! I had the exact same thought this morning, so I have it pointing out more like a rooster antenna now. Kind of curious why the frame didn't come with the tpu like that in the first place.

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