3D printed, 2.5" 3S frame - Lowrider 1.0

By Taylormadearmy on Dec 27, 2018

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My first build of my latest frame design. This frame is lightweight while being stiff and virtually unbreakable when printed in high temperature polycarbonate.. And has an optional prop guard accommodating 2.5" props. The camera position keeps it out of the view of props. All while coming in at 97mm diagonal.

Busy finishing up a design tweak where you will be able to easily swap out cameras - e.g so i can use the same build for an HD split style camera or, say a Runcam Eagle mini to fly at night.


I transplanted the innards of a Furibee GT90 which I purchased in a clearance sale from Gearbest for $58!!
(so not sure what parts to list), but my frame will take any 20x20 stack, printed in Polycarbonate.

It seems to fly really nicely as its pretty light for a 3S 2.5" build. The prop guards dont seem to affect it too much unless it's pretty windy - and they are easily removed.

Flight time is also good - more than 4 mins on a 350mah 3S.



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