3D printed 2S lightweight micro - KevPV

By Taylormadearmy on Dec 27, 2018

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I love the way this lightweight build flies. There is a magic about 40g 2S builds with 2.5" props.
It uses my 3D printed frame.
Has an optional prop guard.



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matthew saigon   Jan 04, 2019  

just curious. why not using 1104/1105 motors ? 10A esc for sure can handle them.
the frame looks like you can put a whoop board on it. can it ?

Taylormadearmy   Jan 04, 2019 

I like the 1103 for 2S builds as they are super lightweight. This build is about 40g.

I may try 1104 at some point to compare but I find 1103 are a sweetspot for 2S. I tend to move up to 1104 for 3S.

Taylormadearmy   Jan 04, 2019 

This frame doesn't fit a Whoop board but I am do have one. I will post it soon!

sergetania   Dec 27, 2018  

Does it really fly well with these props? I never tried them. A two-bladed prop like Gemfan 3025 is usually my first choice for a drone like this if you can fit 3"

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Taylormadearmy   Dec 29, 2018 

Different. Honestly I've not flown the Genfams for a while but I preferred the Emax when I first swapped. f I'm honest I can't remember why! Though I think they are far more durable...

bingwhip   Dec 30, 2018 

They are far more durable, and really quiet. But if you're going for more speed, they just aren't aggressive enough pitch. for a build like this though they'd be perfect. for faster, and more durable, i like the hqprop 2535.

Taylormadearmy   Jan 03, 2019 

I do have some of the HQs - I'll give them a go 😀

QuadStar Drones   Jan 03, 2019  

I like the arm design!

Taylormadearmy   Jan 03, 2019 

Thanks! I wanted them to be strong/stiff, but to have as small a cross section to the airflow as possible.
Printed in polycarbonate its been indestructible so far...

QuadStar Drones   Jan 03, 2019 

I'm new to 3D printing so I've just been using PLA. I'll have to try the polycarbonate

Taylormadearmy   Jan 03, 2019 

As long as your printer can get hot enough (297C is what I can get to) it's not too bad to print with once you know the secret...

What is the secret you ask? it's about having a high nozzle pressure. So wide extrusion widths and tall layer heights... (0.7mm and 0.3mm for me).

This frame would break if you sneezed on it if printed in PLA I think...

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