Project 399: Super G

By Wholelottanope on Dec 28, 2018

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This build took way too long to complete. What started out as early access to a frame that sold out in moments quickly turned into a build that had to wait for all of the electronics due to a mail delivery strike (thanks Canada Post). That took a MONTH to cross Canada.

However - finally done, finally maidened. Finally fantastic.

This was a fun build with plenty of room no matter which components you chose. I went with BrainFPV Radix and Hobbywing stack which marry beautifully in this setup.
Overall very happy. Can't wait to build up the DC 7" version...

Side note: Jordan's Project399 velcro straps are fantastic. Well worth way more than the low price he's charging for them.




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CiggyTardust   17 days ago  

What's the dry weight on this puppy? Love the look.

Wholelottanope   17 days ago 

Hey Thanks! The build has changed a bit in that I'm now running Hobbywing 2306 2400kv motors.
Weight now without gopro, battery or props is 386g.

CiggyTardust   14 days ago 

Great, thank you. I am planning a Super G build now. Do you have any video noise issues running the Crossfire receiver close to the Micro Eagle?

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