Xcaliber3D Broadsword Xclass

By Hoopes on Dec 30, 2018

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Xcaliber3D Broadsword Xclass Race Drone, built for speed, agility, durabily and an amazing exsperience!

The Frame is an excellent choice for Xclass due to its stretched X design, TPU clamps on both the motor mounts and body clamps to help with vibration isolation, using round arms keeps the price down, to help you afford this more exspensive drone class, dont let that fool you though this is a high caliber frame :)

I used the top brand names cause when your flying something this big you need to trust your gear. With Advanced power drive systems ESC's and PDB to push my favorite brand brotherhobby motors you can rest asured that this powertrain will not let you down.

I went this TBS Crossfire as my radio link cause they always perform outstanding! and never let me down. EVER!! I also used there new extended immortal T to help get it to a location with less sorounding carbon.

For my flight controller I went with the HelioRC Spring because (IT'S AMAZING) this big drone needs some serious filtering and the dual proccessors will take care of any tuning needs plus more!

Props I chose the popular xclass Master Airscrew 13x12 and also the APC 14x8.5 bi-blades, but HQ and Gemfan are both in the process of creating Xclass props.

I can't leave out the amzing LEDs that light this giant drone up! The TinysLeds Xclass Leds are perfect, These are actually the custom single strip option for round arms. (Front has four RGB 6s strips in cyan, till my other Xclass strips arrive)

The FPV setup consists of a Team Blacksheep Unify HV Race 2 and a Runcam Swift 2 (fullsize)
TBS and Runcam are whatr I use on all my drones and I wouldn't choose anything else!

Lipos I went with CHNL 6s 5000 70c

This was a fun build, by far the most exhillerating!
Thanks for checking this build out and I hope this rundown helps if you decide to get into Xclass.


Part List


Broadsword X-Class Race Frame

Flight Controller

SPRING AIO (17 builds)


4 x APD 100F3[x] 8S 100A X-Class ESC


4 x BrotherHobby Tornado 4215 T7 680KV Long Shaft 6-8S Brushless Motor (2 builds)


4 x 3-Blade - 13x12 Propeller Magenta

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift 2

FPV Transmitter



TBS TRIUMPH (2PCS) SMA Version (541 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX Special Edition (334 builds)


【Flash 】CNHL G+PLUS 5000mAh 22.2V 6S 70C Lipo Battery

Power Distribution

APD PDB500[x] 12S 52V 500A X-Class PDB (2 builds)

Misc Parts

8 x X-Class xLED (3 builds)
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M490fpv   Jan 03, 2019  

What a beast! I wish I could build one some day! Thank you for the tips!

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