2019 whoop refresher #1 z3r0

By acromode on Jan 02, 2019

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decided to update my whoop fleet for 2019,

I understand there is nothing exciting about a whoop build, however i thought it might be nice to share my thoughts for anybody interested.

my previous whoops were built on a furious FPV acro whoop board, I can say that running my typical track around my apartment I was definitely quicker on my first attempt with the alien whoop then I had been with my Acro whoops, I would say this board is more punchy and feels more responsive. Both set ups ran gold 19,000 kV motors and a cockroach frame

It seems to handle hard U-turns and punch outs with less oscillation than my previous builds

she is pretty dainty cominh in just over 20grams

i also ordered a beebrain lite and will enjoy compairing them,

Set up on the zero for the transmitter was slightly tricky for modes. Happy to help if anybody has questions on that

VTX is held on with double-sided tape and the camera is mounted with a large dab of black hot glue, I’m not a huge fan of using hot glue for this but the large amount and stronger black glue seem to be holding up just fine

The firefly camera does seem to transmit in slightly better detail and is slightly clearer Then your standard whoop VTX camera combo, albeit slightly heavier


Part List


Cockroach Brushed Super-Durable Frame (24 builds)

Flight Controller

Alien Whoop ZER0 Brushed Flight Controller - zero - 0 (7 builds)


MMW 6x15mm motor (speed: INSANE) - 19000kv (2 builds)


Inductrix/ Eachine Props (set of 4) (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Firefly - Micro FPV Camera w/ VTX (11 builds)


FrSky XM SBUS Micro Receiver (61 builds)
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DresdenFPV   Jan 04, 2019  

2 new things I learned here. I didn't know about Alien Whoop Zero - looks totally interesting (albeit nothing I'd use in the next months).

And I just took a look at the Caddx Firefly and noticed it should be pretty easy to desolder the video-cable, route it through my FC and thus sparing me some more grams while upgrading my video quality on my next whoop build. Thanks for that. :-)

acromode   Jan 04, 2019 

i would add that the camera does struggle a little in low light and the colors are a little over saturated, glad you found the post useful, the board and flighy characteristics are fantastic

DresdenFPV   Jan 07, 2019 

i would add that the camera does struggle a little in low light

yeah.. but what camera in that size/prize range doesn't do that?

acromode   Jan 07, 2019 

i agree, some of the smaller ones do have less quality in video but handle dark to light transitions better, worth noting if anyone is building to use at night or areas of varying light

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