TinyLeader superultrathrust 5000

By QuadifyRC.com on Jan 05, 2019

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Late last year I upgraded my FullSpeed RC TinyLeader to run 1.9 inch props. Now I have much better thrust and flight time do to a much more appropriate prop size for this setup. I can no longer fly it indoors butit never felt like an indoor whoop anyway. This mod will work with both standard and HD variants.

Full build log and more photos here: https://www.quadifyrc.com/tips-and-tricks/fullspeed-tinyleader-serious-thrust-upgrade-19-props



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Sasquads   Jan 07, 2019  

Does the Leader canopy fit on the Elf frame, or did you modify it?

QuadifyRC.com   Jan 08, 2019 

It fit suprising well - all I needed to do was to drill one small 1.5mm hole at the front for the front of the canopy. The rear hole/standoff is perfect

Sasquads   Jan 10, 2019 

Looks awesome

ghostface   Jan 05, 2019  

Cool stuff, Do you have a link to the canopy?

ghostface   Jan 05, 2019 

nevermind i realised its the canopy of the tiny leader lol

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