Mongoose 6S

By acromode on Jan 10, 2019

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put together with the intention of selling, I really like the way it came together though, I'll have a hard time letting it go,

the goal here was a practical, light weight racer,

VTX03 is relaible and saves on grams, as does the minimalist dipole antenna, had to use a micro 5v bec to power off the vbat pin on the VtX connector of the REVOLT

a 4 in 1 was the only new part i needed to complete this build and Racerstar was well reviewed and priced right, it is nice and compact too,

FlightOne RevoltOSD is just a fantastic board and set up, clean, easy, I really dont like using anything else at this point,

Really like the way everything turned out, why is it the ones im selling go together smoothly

motors are XNOVA 2207 1800kv which I dont think they make any more



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