Special Edition "Dad Air" Neato Talon

By Charles Hidalgo on Jan 08, 2019

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Though I had been building large AP/Filming multirotors since around 2006 Nich Zuhoski and Paul Madere were the ones who really got me into the mini quads. Thought I'd post a little tribute quad to them here. Talon frame with "Dad Air" motors. :) Thanks you two!


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Jodie Froster   10 days ago  

Do 2307 2522kv motors do damage to your batteries?

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Jodie Froster   10 days ago 

I have a set of 2306 2500kv motors that will puff a low c rating battery on Hulkies, or Avan S bi-blades. I wonder if that's just the batteries (I have no problems with my china hobby line 100c packs though), so I figured if the larger motors were doing damage you would know. It sounds like you are telling me that it was just the cheap batteries, and I can just go nuts with motors!

Charles Hidalgo   9 days ago 

No doubt a high pitched prop at 2500kv can puff a battery.... Ive had some brands puff on the first flight with a low pitch prop also... depending on how hard one flies and how low you take a lipo down any battery can be destroyed in one flight nomatter the brand.

Jodie Froster   9 days ago 

I have gotten conservative with my landing voltage, just in case one of the cells is low unexpectedly. Thanks for the feedback :)

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