Yeti 6LR long-range cruiser

By beeb on Feb 15, 2019

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This build was my attempt at making a long-range cruiser that's not too heavy, so that I can potentially try to fly a 6s1p Li-ion custom pack without drawing too much current. I found the Yeti frame by FridayFPV which comes in at 96g which is super light for a 6" non-racing frame! It should be able to carry a GoPro Hero 7 (which I enabled by designing custom TPU parts), and carry any size or shape batteries which is why I wanted a bottom mount style.


  • BrainFPV Radix as flight controller: it has a nice graphical OSD to display gyro noise and features a high-quality gyro chip
  • T-Motor F55A Pro ESC: according to some tests I saw, this ESC is low-noise and will provide waaayyyy enough headroom for current draw
  • MB Primo 2208 motors: smooth and quite cheap, these are really enjoyed by long-range enthusiasts
  • Runcam Racer (first version): camera with a very nice dynamic range, not going for realism here, the picture looks kinda weird but you see EVERYTHING
  • TBS Unify Pro MMCX: first time actually using a MMCX vTX, came in handy when assembling the quad because I could easily pop off the pigtail to remove the "canopy"
  • Crossfire Diversity Nano RX: the new receiver allows to use 2 antennas, thus cancelling nulls in the reception pattern and also can use a backup battery to run after the main battery is ejected
  • 35mm GPS board: I found the small 18x18mm boards tend to lose reception over time, and become quite useless after a few months. The bigger ones provide quick fixes and seem to work better
  • Vifly Finder 2: buzzer with its own battery so that it can still beep in case the main battery is ejected. And it's loud.

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Here are some pics of the build, it's pretty tight but you can take advantage of the height to make a 4-layers stack.

Alt Tag Alt Tag Alt Tag
Alt Tag Alt Tag Alt Tag
Alt Tag Alt Tag Alt Tag
Alt Tag Fitted a capacitor as an afterthought because I'm gonna use 6s Alt Tag Printed some custom parts to angle the two antennas 90 degrees to each other Alt Tag waiting for motors to be delivered...
Alt Tag motors are here!

It's done! I won't lie it was not easy cramming everything into that stack, but I'm super happy with the result!

Alt Tag
Alt Tag


And here are the not-so-glamour shots! I'm pretty happy with the weight, it would have been hard to make it much lighter without compromising on motor power or features.

Alt Tag
Alt Tag
Alt Tag

Maiden Flight

Hope you liked it!



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Epic video!

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