Alien Lowrider

By Doobie52 on Apr 02, 2019

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I’ve wanted to do this build since I built my Martian Lowrider last year. My Martian is that quad you always end the day with. It just flies so balanced and predictable that it’s seems to make everything you try possible. For this project I really wanted the exact same feel, but from the OG, not a clone.

I tried several new parts on this build I hadn’t used in the past starting with the Bardwell flight controller. My go-to is usually the DYS F4 Pro V2. The layout on the Bardwell board was nice, it soldered well, and it’s cool that there’s such an in-depth manual compared to the DYS board. I have no complaints about Joshua’s board.

Next up from RDQ was a set of their 32Bit 30A ESCs. I really didn’t want to try them. I wanted DYS Aria 35A ESCs but they were out of stock all over when I was ordering parts, and I wasn’t waiting a month to get them from China. Typically, I won’t try something with only a couple of reviews, but they were both positive, and I trust RDQ. For this build they were perfect. They don’t come prewired, so I was able to use all black wiring, they’re small and light, and they have a built in LED so the green shining through the openings in the ESC covers is a nice visual touch. (I’ll get some pictures) They also fly great so again, no complaints.

The Botgrinder motors were the last new part. Almost all my quads have a 2306 motor with anywhere from 2300 to 2500kv so I had high hopes. The motors didn’t disappoint at all. Right now, I can say they’re powerful and smooth, and I’m hoping that when the time comes, I can also say they’re durable.

I guess I’m technically trying out the Foxeer Lollipop antenna, but I have a lot of Foxeer antennas. There aren’t a ton of options to just drop a camera into the Alien frame, so it was a no brainer when I stumbled across the Rotor Riot Foxeer Predator V3. I’m running the Predator V2 in my Martian Lowrider and I like it almost as much as my RunCam Micro Eagles. For the VTX, the Tramp has never let me down.

Over the weekend I got a few packs through it on some HQ 5x4.3 props. It only took a few batteries to get it dialed in and flying great. I haven’t flown it with the T-Motor 5143s yet. I’ll play with them over the weekend after I update to the latest version of Betaflight.



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adnanomatic   Jun 02, 2019  

hey man. sick build. can I copy this build for my alien rr5? I just want to know the stand off size at the second row from the front of the frame, what length is it?

srry my bad english. im from Indonesia.

Doobie52   Jun 02, 2019 

Thank you. The front standoffs are 35mm. The back standoffs are 20mm. The 2 standoffs that support the back of the top camera plate are cut down from 15mm standoffs. They measure about 13mm. Make sure you have an extra top plate to cut up!

TeamWolfFPV   Apr 03, 2019  

Does the cute little alien guy fly with you? Cool build, love the colors!

Doobie52   Apr 03, 2019 

Of course!

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