HBHs 3" Gecko

By Hillbillyhan on Jan 11, 2019

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I wanted everything to fit like a glove so I carefully ordered each part one at a time to ensure a clean fit.
Talon F7 and Aikon ak32 esc because of their plug and play harness. (FC is turned 180°)
TBS Crossfire Nano and TBS unify pro nano because of the white noise stack board.
Runcam split mini 2 since I dont want to mount a gopro and loose all performance
3DPOWER mount for the crossfire T and micro axii
Brain3D bumpers and Ebay stainless steel hardware on the way.
XT60 since all my lipos and chargers are the same.



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Nabla   11 days ago  

Are you using camera control? Have you got it to work? And if so, what camera how did you set it up?

Philo777   Feb 02, 2019  

Hi I have a Talon F7, Akion AK32 and Split mini 2 also, but I cant get any FPV feed its just a blank screen with telemetry that says battery full- thats it. I tried everything to connect it and it refuses to work. I connected the video cable directly to a vtx and I get fpv feed, but when I connect the camera through the F7 talon and the VTX gives a blank screen. I noticed your using a little heli-nation PDB board or something? Is that what I need to make it work?

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Hillbillyhan   Feb 05, 2019 

Is your mini split getting power? A blue light should come on in the corner of the dvr board. If no blue light your camera not getting power. You probably forgot to jump the 3v or 5v option on the Talon F7. Thats what happen to me.

Hillbillyhan   Feb 05, 2019 


Philo777   Feb 05, 2019 

Hi I jumped both jumpers to 5 volts. The runcam split mini gets power and there is a blue light that turns on and starts to blink. If I connect the video wire from the camera straight to the VTX it works. But if I try to send a video through the flight controller all I get is a blank screen with Telemetry overlay.

q-ratz   Jan 12, 2019  

Congrats on the very nice and clean build. I recently got the the talon F7 too and i was surprised how warm the cpu got on the desk while just plugged into USB. It got up to 60 degree C pretty quick. Is yours getting that hot too?

Hillbillyhan   Jan 13, 2019 

Yeah mine gets pretty hot just plugged in the desktop. I thought that was normal as I am very new to this hobby. Only my 2nd build within a month.

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