🦎Gecko Cinewhoop

By Vlad on Jan 11, 2019

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Rebuilt the Gecko! I shaved down the Ori32 so it fits in the orientation best for the BAT leads. The Ori is a perfect match in terms of the connecter. No reording the wires which is nice.

Using betaflight 32/32 Multishot with 32 Khz PWM frequency

Check the second pic in the look to watch it fly with the GoPro with the old setup. That was on a 3s 850Mah so now I have 4s and will give it another shot with the new setup.:

More pictures on IG: https://www.instagram.com/vancity.exe/
My YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/hernandez87v

Some flight footage with old setup, will upload new footage soon. Lemme know if theres anything you wanna see. Will also post a quick overview of the build video.



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FPVPirate   Mar 17, 2020  

I have almost this same build. Whats your all up weight with the battery and gopro?

CatsFPV   Feb 26, 2019  

Nice work! Do you have any video with the Hero 7 Black? I'm shocked (happily) that a Gecko can carry such a huge camera.

Thegingakid   Jan 24, 2019  

where did you get that STL for your hero?

Thegingakid   Jan 25, 2019 

You da real MVP Vlad

fpvscout   Jan 11, 2019  

Looks like you are in the lower mainland :) What's your weight without the battery?

Vlad   Jan 13, 2019 

you got it man! haha it weighs in at 174g.

fpvscout   Jan 17, 2019 

RIght on - getting my time in on a whoop and flight sim.....Building a custom by Summer!

Vlad   Jan 24, 2019 

awesome man, best combo to get them skills ready!

labrat   Jan 19, 2019  

Clean build!

How did you shave down the Ori32? I haven't received mine yet and was researching how I would fit it on my Gecko.


Vlad   Jan 24, 2019 

just used a file! its really easy to shave down. If you really have to you might be able to use a nail file on the clippers.

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