Recycle your wizard => The WizaTone Bastard +

By dafunk on Jan 15, 2019

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Many things inspired this build

1) I got tired of replacing the original ESC that kept burning.
2) I wanted a cheap option to add OSD
3) I wasn't flying my wizard anymore
4) I found the Mamba stack at the price of 4ESCs including a F4 and OSD
5) There was a promo on the diatone plus and I like my quads to be different from one another

Concerning the 20 mm Mamba Stack

I have one BIG recommandation : solder the capacitor before you plug any LIPO.
During this build, I burned 2 fpv cameras. I suspect that plugging the LIPO wihtout a capacitors makes the 5V regulator overshoot and burns your gear.
that's a 70$ extra cost that you want to avoid.

General NOTES in random order

It flies great, I am surprised how good the motors of the wizard are with this build. I think it comes from the ESC because they sound much smoother.
The prop in the lower middle of the fpv picture is not an issue with the lens I am using is 150°. I recycled the original camera of my ET100.\
I put a better camera in the part list.
It is actually nice to have the prop in the picture as it serves a horizontal reference
You are going to struggle to fit the original camera of the wizard, which I didnt like anyways.
I was able to fit a XM+ at the back on top of the VTX but I wanted telemetry so I fit an XSR and a huge self power buzzer under the nano camera.
I don't like the buzzer I put because you have to long press the button every time to shut it off. Newer buzzer can be shut off by plugging the batter for 3 seconds
I dont think there is room for the flysky receiver that comes with the wizard RTF version
The frame is missing some nuts and bolts
The frame is designed for a 30 mm stack. You will need an electric drill to pierce 4 holes and it is very easy as the carbon has similar resistance to wood : beware while drilling carbon the dust it can cause cancer.

Frame availability

I got the frame from Banggood for 25$ but it seems to be discontinued on BG and on DiatoneUSA. If you find one please let me know in the comments and I will put a link to the store.



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Sabre   Aug 07, 2019  

how does the f25 esc cope with the big motors ?

dafunk   Aug 14, 2019 

No issue at all. The original ESC is 20A and the original quad was heavier.
I have been using the quad for 6month now.
Note that the ESC dont have current meter.

Jodie Froster   Jan 15, 2019  

I dig it that you are running the origional wizard motors on a 20x20 stack!

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